Bingo Sites that Pay Great in 2014!

Online bingo is a game that is best enjoyed when you play for big jackpots and get generous bonuses. We are going to our best to help you get both of these divine treats, not to mention other goodies as well. Have a look at our list of new bingo sites that are sure to pay great in 2014!    

Lucky Touch Bingo

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Glossy Bingo

Glossy Bingo has excellent bingo games, presented with all the glitz and glamour of a magazine. Newbies get a whopping 400% welcome bonus! Not to worry – your 2nd to 4th deposits aren’t neglected, and get bonuses of up to 300%! See for yourself!

Bingo Hollywood

What more can you ask of a bingo site, than to be treated like the star that you are? Bingo Hollywood understands this, and gives you the VIP treatment you deserve. Newcomers enjoy a 300% Welcome Bonus, and up to 100% re-deposit bonus! Play Now!

Wink Bingo

Wink wink, nudge nudge… this is one of the best bingo sites around! Join and enjoy a 200% bonus on your 1st deposit, as well as a chance to spin the wheel and win up to £1000!

There have been numerous trends in the online bingo industry that gives us loads to look forward to in 2014! There has been the introduction and development of mobile bingo which has been super exciting, the rise of social bingo, the increase in alternative payment methods available, better prizes and bigger bingo bonuses!


Mobile Bingo

This has been one of the best developments in bingo we have seen and it’s made it even more popular than before! With mobile bingo apps – players can make deposits, use the bingo chat facility, play a selection of games and more all from their hand held device.

As well as applications – you will also find that there are now HTML5 sites – which essentially means as long as you have a Smartphone, all you need to do is enter the URL and you will automatically be directed to a mobile friendly landing page. This alone has done a lot for bingo – the convenience factor has made a huge difference in people playing far more regularly and joining sites. Since it’s such a common feature now – it’s going to be a must for new bingo sites to offer this.

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Fabulous Bingo Bonuses

Since there are so many new bingo sites for you to choose from these days – they need to do something to stand out from the crowd and lure you in! This has seen an increase in some hefty no deposit bonuses. This means that players can get a feel for the site before spending any of your cash.

There are also now different ways for you to get extra bonuses. As well as higher bonuses on offer there has also been the introduction of wheels, decks and challenges to take part in where you can scoop extra bonuses.

Also, a good option to look out for is loyalty bonuses. Whenever you join a new bingo site, take a look at their VIP scheme - you might gain a whole lot by being a regular!


Social Bingo

As well as this there was also the rise of social bingo. You will now find applications on Facebook that are dedicated to bingo and slots. You have the option to either play for real money or even for a virtual currency if you like bingo just as a pass time. This gives you even another avenue for you to enjoy bingo and of course brings the social element into it.

You will see that there has been some big brands coming into this arena such as Bingo Blitz and Bingo Island. We are sure that there will be more on the way too. There have also been some new companies looking to take a crack at it – and it’s already become an extremely competitive market.


Alternative Payment Methods

Since pretty much everything is online these days it’s important for operators to ensure that they have some alternative payment methods for them to utilise in order to allow them to make safe and secure transactions. One of these is PayPal, which appears to be one of the favourites so far. It means that you don’t need to continuously enter in credit or debit card details just remember those log in credentials for PayPal. Another is Ukash which acts as a prepaid card. This allows users to track their expenditure easily and again is a completely secure way of transferring funds over bingo sites.

Wink (1)
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Larger Games Selection

New bingo sites are no longer just focused on traditional style bingo games – they have loads more to offer. There are different variations on offer including the likes of Deal or No Deal Bingo and Lucky Numbers Bingo. There have also been much more time spent on developing casino games. So much so – in fact that you will find on some sites that they have sections completely dedicated to slots and casino games like Costa and Bgo Bingo. The games themselves are also improving with far more impressive graphics and animations not to mention special advanced features.


Bigger and Better Prizes

Everything needs to be big and bold to catch the attention of prospective player’s since there is a sea of sites to choose from. The jackpots have become life changing and the prizes fantastic, Bingo Diamond for instance hosts a huge £10,000 jackpot game every single month. Players can now look forward to the likes of trips of a lifetime, technological giveaways and much more. Since people are spending more on their sites – they can now afford to be a bit more generous with the prizes they are dishing out.

Another new trend we're seeing more and more of is free bingo sites. Gone are the days where you had to spend a good amount of cash to start playing. Now you can log onto the best sites in the biz, open an account and play free of charge, for real cash prizes! You can read more about this here.

Lucky Touch (4)
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All of these things give you loads of treats to look forward to this year. There’s no doubt about it – 2014 is a busy year in the online bingo and mobile bingo world, and we hope we gave you some good tips to help you out. It seems that 2015 is going to be just as eventful - keep checking this site for updates!