About Us

Right, so what is there to tell? Bingo is a great game that really gets us excited! We are thrilled to see that the old school version has translated so well to emerge in the web world. Now we all get to play amazing online bingo games that stay true to the fun of the traditional version. This means that new, younger players can be encouraged to join in and keep the game alive. We are here to help players that need a little more information before making those important decisions.

It is much better to extend your decisions making process that little bit longer. The result of doing this will almost certainly be a successful outcome rather than a failure. So, allow us to recommend new bingo sites – as well as existing bingo sites – and tell you about why they are worth registering with. We will give you the 411 when it comes to claiming bingo bonuses and avoiding excessive wagering requirements that could hurt your winnings.

There are plenty of sites out there willing to pay you with great deals. All you need to do is read about what we have to say. We have a team of dedicated bingo players behind the scenes, sharing the collective wealth that has been built up since the birth of online bingo. It would be mean of us not to share, so make sure you come and visit us often to take advantage of our rich knowledge.

Now, feel free to have a wee nosey throughout the site. You’re going to find information on great bingo bonuses, new sites, free bingo no deposit, payment methods and mobile bingo, to mention a few more areas. There will be additional topics covered as well as helpful advice pages to guide through difficult decisions.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!