Zimpler: A New Option for Online Bingo Payments

Mobile gaming is getting more popular with each passing day. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then to discover mobile payments are equally as popular. They’re reaching a wider audience all the time, especially among those who enjoy a spot of mobile gaming.

You may already have heard of PugglePay and Boku, not to mention being able to pay via your phone bill. Now you have Zimpler as well. The name is obviously based on the word ‘simpler’, but does it deserve this tag?

What is Zimpler?

Put simply, this is a mobile payment service you can use whenever you want to make a deposit to a gaming site. While they are based in Sweden, you are free to use Zimpler to make deposits to over 200 gaming sites worldwide. The payment method has been designed specifically to make online gaming safer and easier, so it should appeal to a wide audience.

The process also uses SMS verification, so it is always secure. No doubt that’s something you will be looking at closely.

How does it compare to other similar payment options?

Before we tackle that question, let’s list a few of the other options and make a few points on how they work. We’ll include Zimpler for comparison too:

Paysafecard Prepaid payment method; no need for credit card or bank account information
PugglePay Pay with mobile phone; no registration or app needed
Boku Purchases are charged to your mobile; can use with pay-as-you-go and contract phones
Zimpler Specifically designed for online gaming; deposit safely and securely to 200+ gaming sites worldwide

As you can see, all the methods work in similar ways and have similar perks:

  • They’re safe and secure to use
  • They make online and mobile payments easy
  • Many online casinos offer at least one of these payment methods
  • If you have a mobile device, you can take your pick of the above options

What should online bingo players know about Zimpler?

You may already have a preferred deposit method to use with your favourite bingo sites. However, you might still want to look at Zimpler as an alternative.

Why? Simply because it has lots of perks:

  1. It’s very simple to use
  2. It only takes a couple of minutes to get started
  3. SMS verification keeps things secure
  4. You can choose from a variety of payment methods
  5. You only need one account to get started

Zimpler is still fairly new at the moment. However, we’re already seeing a lot of news reports and features about it online. Suffice to say, the more bingo and gaming sites have it ready to use, the more widespread it will become.

The best bet is to take a look at it and to see whether you might like to use it. It won’t appeal to everyone, and if you are already using Boku or a similar payment site, you may not want to bother. On the other hand, it could be just what you’ve been looking for.