Wink Bingo’s Welcome Wagon

We’ve got a major piece of news for our readers, Wink Bingo have switched their welcome offer once again. This well-known bingo site has changed what they’re offering new players and we’ll be comparing this to their old one. Keep reading if you want to find out if this is a change for the better.

The New Offer

The new Wink Bingo promo is a week’s worth of gifts for those that deposit £10 on the site. They give you a 300% bingo bonus first though, so you’ll have plenty to play with on your first day. The new promotion is called Wink’s Welcome Wagon and it will be their welcome offer for the foreseeable future.

This offer seems like a refreshing change to the welcome offer and players might prefer this as their welcome to the site.

What Can You Win?

Here’s the part that most bingo buffs will want to know about, as this is the deciding point for players. Over the week of prizes, players are given a new one every day and they can be picked at random from a huge pool.

Players can win bingo bonuses, free spins or game bonuses when they reveal the prizes on the scratch. These can be worth as much as £100, so there’s still the potential to earn a whole load of funds to use. This is far more exciting than simply being credited with a bonus, as you’ll get to play each day to claim.

How Does it Compare?

Bingo players in the know will remember the previous welcome bonus here, Wink’s Wheel of Prizes. This was a different bonus in that players were given the chance to spin the wheel for prizes or bonuses. This was a faster process but which one of these offers is truly better?

The previous offer might seem better for some players, as there was a higher minimum bonus to claim. On the old wheel, the least you could earn was £5 and on the new scratchcard it’s just £1. Of course, this does take place over several days so the minimum is actually £2 more than the previous one. Plus, the chances of winning the minimum amount over the entire week is highly unlikely.

On the Wheel of Prizes, players could win high ticket items like holidays and phones with a maximum worth of £1000. On the new promotion, the most you could earn would be £100 each day so it’s a lower maximum amount. This may suit some players though, as they may prefer the chance to play and win on bingo or slots to prizes.

Our Verdict

We think that Wink Bingo are doing the right thing by changing their welcome offer, as it just makes things a bit more exciting. It’s always good when a bingo site switches things up and tries something new, so this is an improvement in our books. The prizes remain roughly the same value but instead of gifts you’ll get bonuses to play with, so it’s a win win.