Wink Bingo Receives Vital Revamp

Wink Bingo has been a relatively active site for broadcasting UK TV adverts in recent years, which indicates that there has been at least some effort to market the brand. However, Wink Bingo has seemed to have played single fiddle to 888ladies since the latter site received its impressive website revamp last year.

In spite of the attention being diverted towards 888ladies – which is understandable, considering that it’s the flagship online bingo brand of global multichannel gambling operator 888 – Wink Bingo had still been receiving some TV coverage to promote the site. However, the issue with Wink Bingo, among many players, was that the lack of interest from 888 had been harming the overall playing experience.

900,000 Registered Players

With more than 900,000 players registered with Wink Bingo, this could have been a problem for 888. Thankfully, though, a potential crisis has been averted and the loyal players of Wink Bingo now have a brand new site to enjoy throughout December and beyond.

Another key step in the marketing efforts of 888 has been to commission the production of a brand new TV advertising campaign in an attempt to generate fresh interest in Wink Bingo. After all, bingo sites that don’t make and effort only run the risk of stagnating and losing their loyal players, at which point it’s game over.

In communicating the news of the TV advertising campaign and the impending website revamp, Wink Bingo chose to inform its fans by using Facebook and Twitter: “The secret’s out! … We’re filming a new TV ad.”

What to Expect?

By now, most online bingo players who watch UK telly will have seen the Wink Bingo advert featuring the lady performing and Irish dancing routing with her dog. From time to time, Wink Bingo would unveil specialist campaigns, like when they invested the help of the Dream Idols.

Fans of the dog will be pleased to know that it will be making an appearance in the new TV advert. However, the advert will have to be amazing to justify the recycling of a Wink Bingo marketing idea that has been around for a few years now. After spending all of that money to completely revamp the site and create a “new look”, surely it would be more creative to device a fresh idea for the new TV ads?

Wink’s Site Upgrade

Although Wink Bingo has made a timely upgrade, you can’t feel that 888 could have done more. When looking through the various pages of the site, a regular player will recognise all of the old images. And when you look at the bingo promotions, these are still appearing at the same frequency as they have since the slow down after the shift in focus towards 888ladies.

For all of those minor concerns, however, the new colour scheme of the site does look pretty good, and is an improvement on the dated skin from before. That being said, the site is displaying Christmas images down each side of the screen, so the 100% finished site won’t technically appear until January.