Which Bingo Sold to XL Media

One of the giants of the bingo landscape has been bought over. This week, the breaking news is that affiliate Which Bingo have been purchased by XL Media. Who are these mystery buyers and what will this mean for those that work with them?

The Story Behind the Acquisition

XL Media are big site owners in the business, they have more than 2000 different sites to their name. They tend to buy up lots of different sites and then use them to their best advantage. They perform a range of different functions, with media buying and sales part of their main business.

In terms of gambling, they’re a fairly well known company and work within the affiliate sector. They also work with retail affiliates, so we may see them putting a spin on what we expect from a standard iGaming affiliate. This may also spurn other affiliates to do the same and really think outside of the box.

Which Bingo has had quite a few changes made on their site within the last few months, which may be to get it ready for a sale. These could be part of the conditions of the sale, or simply a bit of housekeeping to make sure that the site is compliant. With so many crackdowns on affiliates, they may be attempting to keep their nose clean to avoid any fines.

As a media buying company, Which Bingo was no doubt an attractive prospect for XL Media. They’re one of the most influential sites in the business, with a lot of partners and affiliates.

What will this mean for the Industry?

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming common in the iGaming sphere, as sites have to work harder to get the same results as before. The space is becoming more crowded and legislation surrounding offers is tighter. For this reason, it’s preferable for affiliates to merge and share their combined assets to stay in business.

Site operators usually like this, as it means that there are fewer affiliates to deal with to get their offers out there. However, it can mean that smaller affiliate portals find it difficult to thrive, as they don’t have the same resources on their side. This could potentially set off a chain reaction for smaller affiliates, as they try to keep up with these bigger sites.

For players and readers, we don’t think that too much will change. XL Media may market things a bit differently and grow certain partners, but this won’t really impact what we see on their site too much. We’re interested to see what kind of new techniques they will bring to the table going forward.

Right now, the only information that affiliated partners have is that they should send money to a different account instead. We’ll likely see them breaking more news as the dust settles on the buy over, but they will need to keep their existing operators happy. Stay tuned and we’ll bring you more news as it develops on this industry news.

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