What Makes a Slot Great?

We’re big fans of slot games, especially when you can play them on bingo sites. Often, when we review slots, we have to think of what makes them stand out in an ever competitive market. Here’s our humble opinion on what makes the best slot games.

Top Sites To Play Great Slots

The following bingo sites have some of the best slots out there, so take a look:

Top Dog Slots – If you’re looking for excellent slot games and interesting perks then this is the place to be. This sleek slot site will give you three 100% bonuses and 60 free spins! [Read full review]

Glossy Bingo – Flip through the pages of this bingo site to play on some awesome slots. They have a regularly updated list of slots, with plenty of jackpots in the mix. [Read full review]

Butlers Bingo – This is a Microgaming site, so you can expect to see all of the best new slots from this developer. You can even play slot and bingo mash ups, like Immortal Romance Bingo. [Read full review]

Check the terms and conditions of these sites before you pop on and play.

What Makes A Good Slot?

If you like to play slots for fun and want to play good ones, then look for the following aspects:

The Look

You can tell a lot from a first impression and how a slot looks will tell you a lot about it. If it’s well-designed and cohesive then you can expect a good gaming experience. It might also have a design aspect that you like, some common elements are:

  • Slot games with a bright theme
  • Cute characters
  • Comedy elements
  • Funky soundtracks

The Theme

Themed slot games are ever popular, as players enjoy fun slots with a theme. This could be a theme that uses a character you’re familiar with, a branded theme from a TV show or movie or even a hobby, like sports. The most important part of a themed slot is that there are themed bonuses too, not just a few token symbols on the reels.

Unique Features

It’s simply not enough to have a slot game now that doesn’t offer anything unique. Three or five reel slots that just rely on the same old game mechanics just don’t attract player attention anymore.

Instead, players want to see slots with special features, bonus rounds, jackpots and more. Some game developers strive to make their games totally different to what the player expect. A good example of this is the Hansel and Gretel slot, which has no reels at all!

Must Haves

We also like to see the following when playing slots:

  • A Good RTP – This return to player percentage shows you how many times you may win from the game out of 100. The higher it is, the better, so ideally you want something in the 90s.
  • Freebies – Free spins, multipliers and special features are just a way to give you something for free. We love to see these within games and on the sites themselves.
  • No Deposit Bonuses – If you want to play slots without paying then use a no deposit bonus. Play with funds or free spins, just look for sites that offer these.
  • Free/Just for Fun – You don’t always have to pay to play, as some slots can be played in just for fun modes. This means you won’t be able to win anything back, but you can experience the game – which many players find enjoyable. You can even just use a fun mode before playing for cash if you want to get a feel for the game.

Great Slot Games

If we had to pick just a few slot games that are our favourite these would make it to the top:

Guns n Roses – The Guns n Roses slot has you jumping on stage with some awesome characters and some special bonus features. There are free spins, multipliers, bonus rounds and more within this rock themed game. Check it out at Top Dog Slots.

Karaoke Party – Kick back and relax with this party themed game, available to play at Glossy Bingo. It’s a Microgaming classic but it still has those extra free spins and bonus rounds that we love to see in a slot. Plus the theme suits us perfectly.

Game of Thrones – The smash hit TV show has inspired the Game of Thrones slot and it will come as no surprise that this is a popular one too. It can be played at Butlers Bingo and you’ll find that each bonus round is themed on a family from the show. Winnings are coming with this game!

Now that you know all about what makes a fab slot, you should try them out to find your favourite! Every player is different so what you like in a game might be different to someone else, so it’s essential to do some testing of your own.