Weird Ads from Mecca Bingo

Thinking outside of the box is an oft-spoken approach for stimulating interest in a crowded market, but has Mecca Bingo gone a little too far? Well, one thing is for certain, the bingo operator’s series of new adverts is certainly getting noticed, but is it going to actually benefit the brand? Perhaps it will, if the classic marketing mantra that ‘all publicity is good publicity’ holds true.

Each of the recent adverts starts off with a woman in a laboratory, telling the viewers that because Mecca Bingo has ‘graphs and such’ and that she is in a lab coat, she knows that they like hot men, dancing cactuses, and crème brûlée, as well as brilliant bingo offers. At this point, each advert jumps to a ridiculous scene, designed to grab the attention of the viewer.

Man and Turtle

After telling the audience that she knows that bingo players like hot men, cute animals, and great offers, the advert cuts to an outdoor scene in which three topless men are relaxing in a grassy garden, each holding a tortoise. One of the men awkwardly smiles at the camera while the tortoise in his hands begins to speak to the camera: ‘Hello, I am a tortoise, and there is a million pounds up for grabs when you play bingo at’ And then, just to add to the weirdness of it all, the tortoise says ‘Hold me, Darren, hold me like you mean it.’

Dancing Cactus

When this scene commences, you will see a crazy-looking dancing cactus in front of a desert backdrop. After pulling off some questionable dance moves, the Latin-sounding cactus informs bingo players of the generous welcome deal for new players. The latest welcome deal on offer at Mecca Bingo allows you to play with a massive £50 of credit when you deposit just £10. The silly advert aside, this is a pretty substantial welcome bonus for new players.

Crème Brûlée

After acknowledging that she knows that bingo players love both crème brûlée and amazing bingo offers, the lady then introduces a talking crème brûlée, discussing the latest deals at Mecca Bingo. The scene then cuts to a number of crème brûlée dishes, each with its own face. One of them then start to talk to the camera, letting people know about the exciting £5,000 bingo game which happens every Saturday in Mecca Bingo’s special and exclusive X Factor room. And just when you think it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, the crème brûlée says: ‘they burn my face’ and starts to cry.

Mecca Banking on Weird

As you can see in Mecca’s YouTube videos, each of these adverts is utterly absurd. What do you think will be the outcome of this advertising campaign? Mecca Bingo is obviously hoping that the weirdness will stir interest in the brand, which will result in new players signing up to the site. However, they are also risking that potential players might be put off by the strange advertising and decide to play elsewhere, at a cooler site.

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