The New Wink

Roomies, we have some really exciting news for you about one of our favourite bingo sites. Wink Bingo has been revamped (again) with a brand new look! This ever popular bingo site has taken another step to become the best and the change isn’t just skin deep either.

New Site Design

Since it’s the first thing you’ll notice about the new Wink Bingo, we’re going to be focusing on the design first. The site looks totally different and much more modern, which is a welcome change for players. Similarly, the app and mobile site have also been changed recently to reflect this new design.

It’s a much more carefree version of the site with more space to move around, so we’re big fans. Users will also realise that it’s much easier to make your way around, as the site has better organisation and clearer buttons.


New Promotions

It’s not just the site that has changed, their promotions have been updated to celebrate too. Here are the brand new promotions that you can look forward to claiming.

A No Deposit Bonus

We’ve long since said that the only thing that would make this site better is a no deposit bonus and now they have one. When you sign up here, you’ll now get £5 in freebie funds to have a go with. This has just boosted this site even further in our estimation, though no one knows how long this offer will last.

New Deposit Bonus

In the spirit of doing things differently, Wink Bingo are now offering a 370% bonus to new players. BUT, if you use our code FUN60 when you register, we’ll boost that up to a 450% bonus on £10. That’s an extra £8 in funds for you to enjoy!

The Happy Dance

This is a brand new room for September to celebrate the new site and it’s totally free! Take part in their nightly freebie game for the chance to win a share of £100 every night. If you prefer, you can also splash some money on tickets for the £1000 and £3000 jackpot games at the end of the month.

It’s all about dancing like no one is watching, a theme that fits in well with the new image of Wink Bingo. It’s safe to say we’ll be doing the happy dance if we win for free!

Free For All

We’re totally impressed by the amount of free bingo that this site is giving to players. They also have the frequent Free for All games, which take place every 10 minutes for 6 hours per day. The pots are small, a £1 or £2 game bonus, but it’s a really fun way to get acquainted with the site.

Be aware though, this offer is for a limited time only and won’t be around forever.

Check the terms and conditions of the new Wink Bingo site on their page for more information. Wink Bingo has always been among our top sites to play on but it has gotten even better with these changes. We’d recommend heading over there sharp before these limited offers run out!