The Complete Guide to Facebook Bingo

Facebook bingo games are those which you can use to connect with other Facebook users. Instead of playing on a bingo site against other roomies, you’ll log in via your own Facebook account and take on those on your friend’s list. Not only can you play bingo on Facebook, you can also engage with your favourite sites on there for extra bonuses, competitions and fun.

Who We Like on Facebook

If you like getting a little something extra for liking a page, then we’d suggest getting over to these sites to claim a Facebook bonus:

Lady Lucks – If you want to make sure you get a chance to claim every bonus code going then it’s essential to like this page. They’ll tell you all about their new promotions and even let you play in exclusive competitions.

mFortune – With thousands of likes, this Facebook page is one of the biggest ones in bingo. They have great competitions, bonus codes and chat to your favourite roomies – it’s a barrel of fun.

With all comps and codes, check out the terms and conditions on their site.

If you are unfamiliar with bingo on Facebook then let us introduce you to a few of the top apps.

Bingo Blitz

Bingo to unlock new bingo cities in this app. Every day you’ll receive 17 daily credits and 600 daily coins! As a 1st time buyer, the game will treat you to an extra 200% more credits.

Bingo Bash

Get 80% off credit when you purchase your starter pack of coins and chips on Bingo Bash. Play your way through the featured and wonder rooms to unlock new games and loyalty rewards!

Bingo Island

Gain extra skill points for every correct answer you mark in this tropical app. Every day you’ll also get a free bonus as you work your way through the levels.

Bingo Pop

Daub coin or XP tiles to gain extra coins and bonus points in every game. Huge bonuses on both coins and cherries are available when players buy credit in bulk on Bingo Pop.

How To Get Free Coins/Chips

Just like on online bingo sites, there are ways to maximise free credits on Facebook bingo apps. Below is a list of common ways you can get your hands on a freebie in these apps.

  • Buy in bulk. Usually, when you buy larger amounts of credit in a single sitting, the game will award you a level of free credit along with your purchase.
  • Earn loyalty points. Often building up those loyalty points will give you access to a number of benefits. Free credit is one of them!
  • Daily incentives. Many of the apps come with daily incentives. You may have to play a game or just log in once a day to gain free coins.

Which Games Are Available On These Apps Apart From Bingo?

Not only do these apps offer great, interactive bingo games. Many of them also offer slots and even instant win titles too! However, don’t expect the same slot titles as you’d find on your favourite online bingo sites.

On your average bingo site, players have unrestricted access to whichever slot game they choose- assuming they have funded their account. When playing any slot on these apps, or even Facebook bingo games, the setup is slightly different. You may have to win a number of lower level games or top up to possess a specific amount of coins in order to be granted access.

On Bingo Blitz, players will find a number of themed slots. There are 13 groups in total ranging from a Barcelona theme to a Sugar theme. All of these slots are available to player straight away. However at Bingo Bash, players will first have to play bingo to move through the levels before they can gain access to any of the app’s slots or mini-games.

Is Facebook Bingo Dying?

Facebook bingo faces stiff competition from online bingo sites who are continually upping their game to furnish users with excellent promos and cutting edge games. However, that is not to say that Facebook bingo doesn’t have a substantial following of its own. Bingo Blitz has an average of 1,000,000 monthly users alone.

Its utilisation of in-app purchases makes it extremely easy for mobile users to get involved. However, like all other apps the integration of this feature comes with pitfalls of its own. Players should ensure that the have never unknowingly signed themselves up to an auto-renewing subscription to avoid unwanted charges.

To conclude, Facebook offers the user an extremely accessible way to play bingo. In-app purchases negate the need for players to find a suitable payment method whilst the Facebook app offers social interaction.

Facebook Gameroom

The minds behind Facebook aren’t going to let their players go elsewhere, so they’ve launched the Facebook Gameroom to entice them back. This is a downloadable piece of software that basically collects all of your favourite games into one place. It’s still in the early stages but it will be interesting to see where this feature goes!

There are loads of ways to use Facebook for games, whether you’re taking part in a bingo competition or chasing down the latest social games. Don’t get left out of the fun, like some pages and get playing.