The Best Educational Rap Songs for Kids

Rap songs can not only help kids with their rhyming, but they are also able to teach. There are numerous rap songs throughout the world that have shown to improve children’s vocabulary. The rap songs have upbeat rhythms to them, which makes them fun to learn and easy to sing along too. Here is a list of some of the most loved educational rap songs for kids. They can then listen to them a few times, and even memorize the lyrics so then they have learned the material they need to learn – much easier than having to read a book for some!

Five Elements of a Story – Those in English and Language Arts will be able to keep in mind the five elements that are needed in order to write a story. Here are some lyrics from the rap – “setting, that’s where it is going down, could be the train compartment, a castle or a town.” “plot, character, conflict, things, setting. Yes, these are the five things that you’re going to be needing when you’re reading or writing a short story that is made exciting.”

The Coordinate Plane – When it comes to charts, there is a lot of information to learn – which makes this rap beneficial to those that want to remember the planes needed. The lyrics that are given for this song are – “Yo on the real, my life is crazy like in movies, I’ve been searching for years for gold, jewels and rubies. I finally have a treasure map and its old. The x-axis is a number line, it goes across the map, it’s really wide. The y-axis isn’t wide, it’s tall, it goes up and down my map, that’s all. Where I entered the dungeon, and where I begin. That’s where x = 0, and y does too, If I didn’t understand that, I wouldn’t have a clue.”

The Industrial Revolution – This rap gives you the knowledge needed to go forward and ace that test on the Industrial Revolution and everything that went into it. The lyrics for this educational song are catchy – “With so many problems in the world today, It’s kind of hard F-A-R-M-ing OK? No time to play sports or sit back, No time to watch shows or spit raps. When farm technology improved, Farmland gave us more food. Cool! What should we do with this extra food? Let’s make babies and feed it to them with a spoon. So the population boomed, Doubling in Europe, and then doubling again soon.”

The Date – This rap song that is able to teach vocabulary words to kids that want to learn new words. The words are said, used in a sentence and then rapped out so you understand their meaning. The lyrics to this song go like this – “Here’s an idiom: I’m over the top, I’ve got a crush on Lisa, she’s totally hot. Would she go out with me? Totally not. She’s so popular that she only dates jocks. “Sup, man? I was reluctant to pass her a note, hesitating, What if her friends saw, and made it a joke? But Lisa’s bright like a guiding light, a beacon, I approached hardly breathing.”

Moon Phases – This is a neat little rap song that teaches you the many phases of the moon. The lyrics to this education rap are – “I go through phases, let me tell you about the first. Phase one, this is called the new moon, The sun is at my back so I’m invisible to you. You may think that I’ve disappeared into space, But my other side is shining—you can’t see a trace.”

Rap songs might be thought about differently once you listen to some of the more educational choices that are out there. These songs can teach children in a different way; allowing them to memorize the rhymes and be able to learn much more when they go to take the test and the material was able to stick in their brain. Don’t be surprised if the kid starts bobbing their head while test taking – they are just remembering the catchy rap song they learned!

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