Sites Like Mecca Bingo

Think bingo and you probably think of Mecca, yes? Well, while you can enjoy Mecca Bingo online, there are other bingo sites like Mecca too.

Most similar prizes

We’re all in it for prizes, aren’t we? Mecca Bingo offers up plenty to think about in this area:

  • They’ve got Mega Jackpots slot games
  • Jackpots crop up in bingo rooms all the time
  • Six-figure jackpots are possible in the biggest slot games

Meanwhile, when you visit Wink Bingo you can expect some of these delights:

  • Progressive jackpots in bingo games and slot games
  • Jackpots can hit well over £1 million in certain slots
  • Guaranteed bingo jackpots also on offer

Top tip: some progressive slot jackpots will be the same across all sites

Whenever you see a slot game with a huge progressive jackpot, chances are that same jackpot will be linked through several sites. That means if there are, say, six sites offering the same game, all players playing it will have a chance at winning that same jackpot.

More about Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is popular for good reason. Their ‘7 Days, 7 Gifts’ welcome wagon promotion is hard to turn down. There are dozens of slots to play and lots of bingo variations as well.

Same 1 st deposit bonus

This bonus is one of the most important elements to look at. The first deposit bonus is given when you make your initial deposit at a bingo site. Needless to say, you want to get the best one you can.

Cheers Bingo is another major online bingo site. But are there any differences to Mecca in terms of the first deposit bonus?

Here’s how it works when you join Mecca:

  • Join up
  • Deposit £10
  • Play with £50 on their website [they also provide an additional £10 to play with in their clubs]

And when you join Cheers, this happens:

  • Deposit £10 when you sign up
  • Get £20 added to your account
  • Spin the Wheel to get £5 to £2,500 more

So while the initial guaranteed bonus is better at Mecca, you could get more at Cheers depending on your luck while spinning the wheel…

More about Cheers Bingo

Cheers Bingo is a great website packed with more than bingo games. They specialise in 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, but you’ve got a flurry of slots to play as well, so you won’t get bored in a hurry.

Comparable chat games

Did you know you get over two dozen chat games to play at Mecca Bingo? Here are some of the options you have to choose from:

  • Connect 4
  • Blast from the Past
  • Dancing Queen
  • Bingo Buddies
  • Alphabet Chatter
  • Birthday Bingo

Over at 888 Ladies, you have fewer chat games to play, but they still have some nice options:

  • Battle of the Buddies
  • Horse Race
  • Burst Your Bubble
  • Sink the CM

If you like the Horse Race chat game, it appears on both sites

Horse Race looks like the only game that shows up on both Mecca and 888 Ladies though. So… if you join both, you could have a great time playing a variety of different chat games.

More about 888 Ladies

888 Ladies is a hugely-popular gaming site that provides you with more games than you could shake the longest stick at. They’ve got bingo, slots and even instant games for players to choose from.

Mobile similarities

Mecca Bingo has Mecca apps to offer. They enable you to play your favourite games on your mobile device:

  • The iPhone app
  • The iPad app
  • Emoji Bingo app for iPhone and iPad
  • The Android app

Everything you can access on the apps is the same as it would be online. This is good as some websites don’t offer the same level of gameplay.

Lucky Cow Bingo, meanwhile – another top site, albeit a much newer one – doesn’t offer mobile apps. However, it does have two versions of bingo for you to enjoy:

  1. 75-ball bingo
  2. 90-ball bingo

Once you’re logged in, you can play all kinds of slot games here too, including these examples:

More about Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow Bingo is great fun and forms part of the Wheel of Slots Network. They run constant promotions aside from their welcome bonus, and there are plenty of assorted games to try as well.

Which is most alike?

So we’ve discovered some similar websites to Mecca here, but which of these is most similar and has the most in common with Mecca?

We’re going to plump for… Wink Bingo. Why? Well, the site has so much on offer it’s hard to say no! While Cheers has that nice Spin the Wheel feature, the higher additional prize amounts are far from guaranteed.

For us, Wink Bingo is the best alternative to Mecca Bingo. But of course, we’d rather have both of them than having to choose…