Resolver: Free Complaints Tool for UK Bingo Players

Playing bingo games is a popular hobby for most of our readers and here at PG Bingo, we want everyone to play bingo in a safe and secure environment. Most bingo platforms have ways of dealing with any issues that may occur on a site but just like with any other form of gambling, things can happen quickly and mistakes can be made.

If a player feels that they have been unfairly treated then there are a number of ways to raise a dispute with a company. The little guy doesn’t always have a voice which is why we are looking at one of the latest tools to work in partnership with the UK Gambling Commission. The tool, known as Resolver, aims to provide a framework for online gamblers (and UK bingo players) to be able to submit an effective complaint should the need arise.

What is Resolver?

Resolver is a new online support tool that aims to help customers or players of an online gambling site submit a complaint related to online gambling. The tool itself has been released and is free to use for all customers. There will be information provided on how to use the tool but we had a go of it to see how it measured up.

Essentially, this online tool provides information and guidance on how best to handle a dispute related to online gambling. While it will not complain on behalf of the player or customer, it does well to provide a framework for players who are looking to submit a complaint by email or letter. It is designed to help you make the most effective complaint possible in a structured and meaningful way.

Setting the Standard

The tool is aimed at providing online customer support but it can also help businesses understand their obligations when it comes to dealing with a complaint or dispute. Now more than ever, a business will be under the spotlight when it comes to dealing with unsatisfactory customers. The power of social media can really impact the reputation of a company and if a business fails to deal with a complaint in a satisfactory manner, this could have disastrous consequences.

Resolver can help the consumer by storing all of their info related to the dispute in a single convenient location. It also provides an email platform so that the email can be sent from a specialised email address as opposed to other platforms such as Gmail or Outlook. Resolver remains independent from the Gambling Commission but has liaised with the regulatory body to help provide information on a case when necessary.

Encouraging Open Dialogue

The tool has been designed with the consumer in mind and aims to encourage engagement as well as open dialogue. It can speed up the complaints process which is why we feel it would be particularly suitable for bingo players in the UK.

It can help individuals understand their rights when it comes to gambling online and although there is debate around whether the tool will increase disputes between parties, we can see the positives outweighing the negatives.

Making the process more open and accessible may encourage players to complain but it could also reduce complaints due to consumers using the tool to understand if their chosen company has a case to answer for.

Using the Tool

If you would like more information on the complaints process or you would like to check out the tool for yourself then you can access it on the Resolver website. It has already helped a lot of players get support with their online bingo disputes and you can head over to the website and look at the FAQs section for more info on how it works.

No one really enjoys complaining but sometimes there is no other alternative if you feel that you have been unfairly treated. Resolver can help you make sure that you have given yourself the best possible chance of having an issue resolved.