Proprietary Bingo Sites

Lots of sites lease their software from other big sites but others use their own proprietary bingo sites. These are exclusive to the site and they each have a unique design that makes them stand out from the crowd. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the pros and cons of these sites.

Where to Find the Best Inhouse Games and Software

If you want to experience proprietary software sites for yourself, then check out the following:

mFortune – This bingo and casino site has a range of dazzling games for you to play on. As well as brilliant bingo games, they also have loads of exclusive slots to check out too.

Moobile Games – Join in the farmyard fun on this mobile site and play on a wide variety of games. They’ll add a no deposit £5 to your account when you sign up, so you can test them out.

Lady Lucks Casino – With this bingo site, you’ll find a new game to play every few minutes. They even have big jackpot games too, so you won’t need to miss out.

Remember to check out the terms and conditions of these sites before you play.

What Are Proprietary Bingo Sites?

To put it simply, proprietary sites use their own software, instead of leasing it from somewhere else. Sites by Dragonfish and Cozy Games are using their software, just porting it onto their site. With proprietary software, there’s no middle man, you just get your games direct from the developer.

What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using This Kind Of Site?

Of course, there are positive and negative features of these sites that you’ll want to find out about in advance.


  • Unique experience as there are no copycat sites.
  • Exclusive games.
  • Special promotions – which you’re more likely to win than networked ones.
  • Usually more direct contact with the people behind the games, useful if there are any issues.


  • Can be less trustworthy/require more vetting than an established name.
  • Players may feel like they miss out on the big, networked jackpot games.
  • Stand alone software might not be available to use on all devices.
  • Some players prefer to use software that they are familiar with.

Each of the advantages and disadvantages will be based on the site that you choose to use, as you’ll encounter less issues on the larger ones. Just remember to play safely and check out a site before you play there, that way you’ll reduce any risks.

Stand Alone Sites Vs. Big Networks Vs. A Mix Of Both

So, you may be wondering, which is the best type of site to play on? There are features to custom software sites, networks and ones that host a mixed bag that will appeal to players.

With custom sites, you have all of the advantages listed above, along with the disadvantages too. When you compare them to big network sites, the latter can seem like they have more going on. Their service team also may be around for longer, as most big sites have 24/7 support.

Sites that have a mixture of networked promos and exclusives are usually better than ones with just networked promos. If they have both, then you’re really getting the best of both worlds, though you won’t get to check out exclusive games.

Custom bingo sites and proprietary software can be ideal for bingo players that would like to try something different. If you’re tired of the same old sites then these can get you falling in love with bingo all over again. Try out one of the ones that we’ve suggested for the best experience.