Pattern Bingo Games

Of all the many types of bingo games there are online, pattern bingo is one that’s always popular with players. This version of 75 ball bingo is perfect for many players as we love games that are a little bit different. Read all about pattern bingo games right here.

Best Sites to Play Pattern Bingo

If you’re ready to start playing on a site with pattern games then we have a couple that we would recommend:

Wink Bingo – This site really makes the most of pattern bingo games, they’ll even let you play them for free in their newbie room. They have regular 75 ball games with everything from coverall to special patterns.

888 Ladies – The 75 ball bingo games here are around the clock, with different patterns in different rooms. These rooms can be free or just cost you a penny to enter, so this is a good site to test them out with.

Cheers Bingo – There are some fab progressive jackpots for pattern bingo players on this site, with stacks of cash to be won. They have all of the most common pattern games and they take place all day long.

Bingo Diamond – Boasting a new game every few minutes, you can get your fix here no matter what kind of bingo you enjoy most. This bright lobby is super inviting and the 75 ball games come in a range of prices and jackpots.

Full terms and conditions of all offers can be found on the bingo site, read before you claim.

How to Play Pattern Bingo

With pattern bingo, you’re given a 5 by 5 grid of numbers and the pattern that you need to dab off. As the numbers are called, you dab your card in an attempt to create one of the patterns on your own card. Once you’ve done so, you yell bingo and get your jackpot prize.

Types of Patterns you Might See

When you’re playing this type of bingo game, there are many bingo patterns that you may encounter. We’ve brought together some of the most common ones that you may see while playing online below.


These types of patterns are ones that don’t move, they’re always the same and the same positions on the grid trigger them. These usually take up most of the card and may be used across many sites. Letters and numbers are popular static bingo patterns, they can even be a part of a game where you must spell a certain word.


These bingo patterns take up a smaller part of the game grid and can be triggered in different positions. They move in 90 degree increments, so you can find them upside down or back to front on different parts of the card.


This type of pattern can be found anywhere on the grid in any position. It has to appear in the same formation but it can be made up of just about any number on the card.


What Makes Pattern Bingo So Fun?

Pattern bingo game is always a staple on bingo sites because it’s different every time you play. You’re not always going for a full house or 2L win, the pattern changes each time you’re online. That and the fact that you can win 1 and 2TG prizes if you don’t manage to make the full pattern makes it a winner.

What Don’t We Love About It?

There are two sides to every story and pattern bingo may not appeal to every player. They’re fast paced games and keeping a track of the pattern might be too much effort for some. Of course, if you give it a try you might just find a new game that’s your favourite.

If we’ve intrigued you with the info about these games then try out some free pattern bingo games, for something new. They’re fun, fast and rewarding – what more could you ask for?