Create Your Own Oscars Bingo Night


If you’re one of those people that love to watch the Oscars every year but have started to grow tired of the same old comedy acts and speeches, then why not add a little pizazz to this year’s Los Angeles award event!

You can spice up your night in a number of different ways but by far the best one is to turn the night into an exciting game of bingo. Unfortunately there are no stores that sell specific Oscars Bingo Cards straight off the shelves so instead we’re going to help you come up with your own game.

Step 1: Pick your theme

The first thing you’ll have to decide when you sit down to prepare your Oscars bingo card is what type of theme you’re going to go for. Obviously it’s going to be Oscars related but you can make it either serious by using the appearance of actors as the numbers on your card and what films are nominated.

Or if you want to make it funny you could try something like, ‘Actors speech goes too long’, ‘someone thanks their family’, ‘actress starts to cry mid-speech to milk applause’, ‘comedians joke falls flat’.  Also, you could put in something like ‘actor/actress fails to conceal disappointment at not winning’, if you really want games to blow through quickly.

Step 2: Assemble Your Crafting Items

The next and most important part is to assemble the items you’ll be using to make and play with your Oscars bingo cards.

You’ll normally need the following items:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • A ruler
  • Bingo Pens / Ink Stamps

These are available in a range of stores so you shouldn’t have any problem with finding them.

Step 3: The Complicated Part

The next part is physically having to create your own Oscars bingo card. This can be a bit fiddly at times but it’s fairly easy to churn out a couple of cards in under an hour or two.

To create your cards you’ll need to do the following:-

  • Use a ruler to map out a set of 9 squares or more in a 3 x 3 grid on the paper. Or print them off from your PC.
  • Tape the paper to the card to add a writeable surface.
  • Fill in the square with your bingo items if you haven’t gone for the printing option.

Depending on how you perform this part it shouldn’t take too long to have a substantial number of cards ready to play with.

Step 4: Pick A Prize

The final and perhaps most vitally important part of an Oscars bingo night is to decide what it is that everyone will be playing for. If you’re keeping it friendly then you don’t have to use a prize.

But if you want to add a little bit of excitement to the evening then you could buy prizes for people to win. You can use anything for this part really; it all depends on what your budget is for the evening.

Most people tend to stick with bags of sweets or cheap alcohol like a bottle of wine for example. If you really want to push the boat out you could invest in some electronics for your friends to win or put in a cash prize to really make it a night to remember.

Additional Oscar Bingo Party Suggestions

Of course bingo is just the start when it comes to making your night more fun.

For example, you could throw in a few additional requests to any guests that are turning up; you could say that people have to come dressed as famous actors or characters from movies that those actors appeared in.

You could even turn it into a big event by holding your Oscars event in a local hall rather than your living room.


If you follow these tips then you should have a night your friends will never forget!

Also, since it’s a yearly event so if you had a hit one year you could always try again the following year to outdo yourself.  So if you’re having an Oscar’s party why not throw a little bit of bingo into the mix to make it that little bit more fun?