Online Bingo Glossary

If you’ve just joined your first online bingo site, you’ll be forgiven for feeling flummoxed at some of the online bingo terminology used on these sites.

Never fear though – we’re here with a comprehensive glossary of terms and their definitions. Ready for a breezy introduction to bingo lingo?

Major terms you’ll come across

75-ball bingo

Bingo game that has 75 balls in play. Bingo cards use a 5×5 grid layout.

90-ball bingo

Bingo game with 90 balls in play that is very common throughout the UK. This is based on the ‘classic’ bingo card featuring three rows with nine squares in each.

Alternative payment method

An alternative method of making payment into your bingo account other than using a credit or debit card. Examples include paying by mobile or using an online method such as PayPal.


Instead of trying to keep up and daub your bingo cards on your own, you can set the auto-daub function to do it for you. Ideal when you have several cards on the go!

Bingo call

Usually relates to the nickname for a particular bingo number, i.e. unlucky for some number 13, and legs eleven, number 11. [more information…]

Chat host

Also called a chat moderator (hence the letters CM after their name). They provide information, answer questions and moderate chats going on while the bingo game is played in the relevant chat room.

Deposit limit

The maximum amount you can deposit in one go by a single payment method.

Full house

The term given to the act of crossing out all the numbers on your card in a 90-ball game.


The latest version of the ‘language’ used to create and present websites and pages. Stands for Hypertext Markup Language.


These are the lines on an individual bingo card.

Linked game

One game is available on more than one site and can be played by different players on each of those sites.

Minimum deposit

The smallest amount you can deposit by any method into your bingo account.

Minimum withdrawal

The largest amount you can withdraw (usually in one day) by any method from your bingo account.


This refers to a number of bingo sites that are all part of the same group, or network. They are usually run by the same provider, and sometimes have linked jackpots.

Newbie room

A bingo room specially designed to welcome new players. This kind of room usually lets players play for free for a set amount, and / or for a limited time after registration. [more information…]

No deposit required

A bonus that is usually given when a new player signs up to a site for the first time. It is given without the need for the player to make a deposit. [more information…]

Phone bill payment

A deposit made into your bingo account via your mobile phone. The amount you deposit is added to your next mobile phone bill. [more information…]


Bingo prizes are given for getting complete lines, patterns or full houses. The prize is usually cash, but it can be other things as well on occasion. [more information…]

Progressive jackpot

A jackpot that grows the longer the game goes on and the more players take part. A portion of each bet or bingo card purchase is put into the progressive jackpot and one player generally scoops the lot. [more information…]


A bingo room is the location where a bingo game takes place. You will sometimes get more than one bingo game taking place in a particular room.


An individual who visits bingo rooms to play bingo.


This process enables any player to request they be excluded from one or more bingo sites. It is available for anyone who believes they may have a problem with gambling.

Sister site

A site that is owned and run by the same company as at least one other bingo site. [more information…]

Speed bingo

A fast and furious version of bingo that is much quicker to complete.


An individual bingo card for a specific type of bingo.

Wagering requirements

The requirements a player must meet in order to use a bonus and cash out any winnings associated with it. It normally applies to welcome bonuses and other similar perks.

Wire transfer

A method of transferring funds electronically from one person to another.