Online Bingo Chat

We hear a lot about bingo games and how to join sites, but we don’t hear as much about a whole other side to these sites. We’re talking about bingo chat, and if you’re going to play bingo where chat is enabled, it makes sense to know some online bingo chat lingo.

And guess what? That’s what we’ve got in store for you here. But first, let’s find out how you play…

How to play chat games

Online bingo chat games are the same as regular bingo games, with one addition. They allow you to chat with other players too. They’re very social and each one is moderated by a chat host who takes part live just as the players do.

Here are a few chat games to watch out for.

Lucky Number

This is a great chat game that focuses on your lucky number. Which one could be lucky for you? Here’s how it works:

  • Pick your lucky number
  • When your number is called, call out ‘lucky number’ as quickly as you can
  • The first person to call successfully on their lucky number wins a prize
  • The chat moderator has the final say on who wins

Pick a Buddy

This is a generous game that enables you to reward one of your bingo buddies. Here’s how it works:

  • You have to call bingo on the game you’re playing
  • When you do, you can pick one of your buddies
  • The person you choose gets bonus points as a surprise reward

Trivia Games

These come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re good at useless (or useful!) facts and trivia, here’s how to play:

  • Trivia questions are asked during and after bingo games (depending on the site)
  • If you answer one correctly, you will receive some bonus or loyalty points
  • These can be exchanged for bingo tickets

When you can play

There are normally a couple of caveats to taking part:

  1. You must have made a deposit in the past 30 days
  2. You must have bought a ticket to the relevant game

Our tip – make sure you check the rules on whatever bingo site you’re on They’re normally almost identical, but check to be sure.

What you can win

You may hear the terms JPs or LPs when you’re on bingo sites. These generally refer to loyalty points, although some sites have their own names for them. For example, at Wink Bingo they’re called Joy Points (JPs).

You’ll be able to exchange those points for bingo tickets to gain access to games without paying.

What the lingo means

Still confused by chat etiquette? Don’t worry, we’ve got some of the more common sayings for you here:

  • 1TG – one-to- go – one number to go
  • WTG – way to go – well done!
  • BRB – be right back – person is leaving their computer temporarily
  • CH/CM – chat host/chat moderator – the person overseeing the chat
  • BB – bingo bonus – usually a bonus given to players to enable them to buy tickets
  • Buddy – a contact or friend, i.e. another member of the bingo site

How to be a great roomie

It’s always good to know the chat etiquette when you start taking part in chat bingo rooms. You’ll learn more as you go along, but we’ll help you on your way by providing you with some pointers here.

  1. Read any chat etiquette rules on the sites you use
  2. Know who the chat moderator is and respect their authority and decision-making
  3. Don’t use the chat function to make complaints
  4. Don’t abuse or argue with other players
  5. Get to know the abbreviations and use them whenever needed
  6. Don’t post links to other websites, whether promotional or not
  7. Mind your language! Don’t use anything that could be offensive in any way
  8. Don’t hassle the chat moderator. They’ve got lots of players to take care of and it may take a minute or two to respond to you if you’ve asked them something
  9. Be welcoming and friendly to all other roomies – especially new ones if you’ve been around a bit longer
  10. Choose your chat name with care. If you’re asked to change it, do so

Do you know the lingo?

Don’t worry if you’re still getting to grips with it. The more you play, the more you’ll get to know the abbreviations. And you still get to enjoy the learning curve in the meantime!