Offbeat Bingo in London

Traditionally, bingo was always thought as a hobby for the older generation as they go eyes down in bingo halls. There has been a reinvention of the bingo image recently that is hoping to change the way that we see bingo. We’ve scouted out the best bingo events in London that are taking on this task.

Musical Bingo

This live bingo event mixes up club nights and the hottest tunes with a bit of bingo action. The creator of this event is a successful DJ and he spins the decks as fast as lighting. You have to identify the song and mark it off your card as quickly as possible in Musical Bingo before the next one starts.

This is a really fun twist on what we expect from bingo, but they still have the big prizes that we want to see. The social element of this game is much more pronounced than many others as it’s all about interacting with other players.

Rebel Bingo

This style of bingo claims to be a more emotive and exciting form of bingo. Rebel Bingo takes a club atmosphere and combines it with a bingo hall, with cocktails and beer too. It’s all about being loud, raucous and having a great time.

This is definitely one for the grownups and the atmosphere is like a great big party. This type of game even took over Mecca Bingo one day last year! Imagine turning up to your local club to that. Just looking at this type of bingo game will totally upturn your expectations of what bingo is.

The Big Bingo Show

If you’re in the vicinity of the Royal Vauxhall Tavern then you’re in the right place for this bingo game. With a sort of pantomime theme, this type of bingo night is filled with big laughs and even bigger characters.

It’s described as bingo, cabaret mayhem – which sounds quite appealing to us! It seems like a great night out that takes you off the beaten track and back to your bingo cards. There’s live entertainment, sing alongs, jokes and more to make this an evening to remember.

Bogan Bingo

For those unfamiliar with the term, Bogan is an Australian slang word that means trashy, gross or otherwise unfashionable. The idea of Bogan Bingo is to let your mullet loose on the world once more, as players strive to be as bogan as possible. It’s a semi protest against the modern world and its trappings, with a bit of bingo for good measure.

Dab of your cards with a whole load of cheesy hits blaring in the background, though try not to flash too far back into the 80s! They invite winners on stage to sing, dance and really earn their prizes too.

Steamy Bingo

The Tina Turner Tea Lady is the leader of this bingo hall, as her patrons settle down to enjoy bingo and an endless brunch. This character is a favourite among the attendees and she calls the balls in this game.

This London bingo game takes place every Saturday afternoon and it’s the perfect place to spend an hour or three. There’s cocktails and food served throughout the day, what more could you ask for? They play 90 ball bingo, so it’s perfect for all the players out there that love the most popular version of the game.

If you’re looking for a fun day or night out then why not check one of these out? You might get more than you bargained for when you pop into these bingo lobbies! Remember, we have all the online bingo reviews you need as a backup though.