No More Cashout Limits on Dragonfish Sites!

You could argue that the UK bingo market has been in quite the stage of transition recently and there has been particular scrutiny on the topic of wagering rules recently.

Indeed, the UK Gambling Commission is currently in the process of implementing new regulations and both bingo and casino developers are already reacting to these changes with updates to their own individual T&Cs and bonus policies.

Dragonfish has been at the forefront of this with lots of new changes being made to their bingo and casino brands so we thought we would discuss these changes and how they could affect you as a player on these sites.

Changes to Withdrawal Limits

You could argue that the online bingo industry has been plagued with low withdrawal limits for many years now. However, some welcome changes are about to take place on Dragonfish sites and max withdrawal limits are about to become a thing of the past.

Previously, there were limits on how much cash you could withdraw from your account and this was set at £1000 per day or £2000 per week. Each month players were limited to a maximum withdrawal limit of £3000 for Dragonfish bingo sites but this has now been amended. All of these caps have now been scrapped and you can withdraw all of your winnings in one convenient transaction. Great news!

Changes to Minimum Withdrawals

Speaking of withdrawal limits, Dragonfish is also making changes to the way that minimum withdrawals operate across their brand portfolio. You may or may not be aware but up until this point the funding requirements for a minimum withdrawal have always been set at £30 but this has now been reduced to just £5. This will certainly prove a welcome change for players who like to withdraw smaller amounts of cash and we can see this change attracting new players to the Dragonfish platform as well.

No Deposit Bonus Changes

The bonus policy has also been overhauled and this has been done to try and improve how players interact with no deposit bonuses. Players were always able to claim a bonus without a deposit on several sites but a deposit would be required if players were to withdraw any winnings. This rule has since been scrapped and players will now be able to withdraw the no deposit bonus as real cash provided the wagering requirement has been met.

Welcome Changes?

On the surface, these changes certainly appear to be for the benefit of players and the no max cashout no deposit bonus changes offer a fairer and more balanced online bingo experience.

Overall, we can see these changes proving popular with players and we look forward to seeing how they are received by Dragonfish customers.

The minimum withdrawal limit, in particular, offers a great chance for Dragonfish to attract new players to the platform who were perhaps put off by the £30 limit in the past. Only time will tell if these changes are truly successful but we will certainly be keeping our eyes on our favourite Dragonfish brands.