New Bingo Sites – June 2019

It seems as if there is a new bingo site launching every day in recent years! PGbingo is proud to give you only the best new sites and latest news.

What’s New In June 2019?

  • Time To Talk Bingo – Time To Talk Bingo is set to have some exciting chatroom games and even better bingo rooms all with big prizes. Look out for this site coming soon!
  • Girls Night In Bingo – Is there anything better than a girls night in? Girls Night In Bingo looks like it is going to be full of rom-coms references and girly giveaways!
  • Jungle Bingo – Take a step into the jungle with this animal-themed bingo site set to come soon. Jungle Bingo appears to be launching in May so look out for it!

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Which Are The Best New Bingo Sites For 2019?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, here’s our list of the top new sites – fresh from the oven:

Tea Time Bingo

Deposit £10 & get up to 500 free spins on the Wheel

launch date: Re-launched May 2018

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Wink Bingo

Wink gives you a massive 400% welcome bonus! Plus, Play for free & win up to £900!

launch date: Re-Designed Jan 2018

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

WTG Bingo

Spin the Wheel for up to 500 free spins on 1st deposit!

launch date: July 2017

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Lucky Admiral Casino

Ahoy! Welcome aboard with MEGA REEL wheel. Get up to 500 FREE SPINS on each deposit!

launch date: May 2017

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Big Tease Bingo

500% to claim on your first deposit + 25 free spins on Fluffy Too!

launch date: March 2017

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Top Dog Slots

Looking for new slots? Start out with up to 500 FREE SPINS!

launch date: October 2016

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Lucky Cow Bingo

This fabulous new site grants you up to 500 free spins on a deposit of £10+!

launch date: January 2016

T&C's apply. See website for full details.


Grab a New Bonus of £5 Free no deposit needed!

launch date: July 2016

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Lucky Touch Bingo

The new LuckyTouch gives you more than just a touch of luck: up to 500 FREE spins & more!

launch date: May 2016

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

* Please note that all sites recommended by PGbingo are UK-regulated and, of course, 100% safe!

Newest Sites – for June 2019

SiteWelcome bonus 
Tea Time BingoUp to 500 free spins!Full details
WTG BingoUp to 500 free spinsFull details
Big Tease BingoUp to £200 + 25 free spinsFull details
Top Dog SlotsUp to 500 free spins!Full details

What We Expect To See This Year

As the year is coming to a close, we’re looking forward to seeing what new bingo sites 2018 have to offer, as they’re bound to get even bigger and better. Of course, it’s hard to predict the future but we think that there are some features that are likely.

We’re seeing a lot of sites getting rid of their mascots, just in case they could appeal to children. This has led to a fair few bingo mascots disappearing, especially if they’re cartoon based. This has made some sites feel a bit empty and not as dynamic, so we’d like to see something new coming along to replace these.

No deposit bonuses became much more common this year, so we think there will be even more sites offering these next year. Alongside this, more sites offered a newbie room – a trend that’s sure to continue to entice new players. In short, 2018 will most likely hold more ways to play for free and new tech to play with.

New Bingo Sites Scoops

It’s time for more of our bingo site news. Find out about the brand new sites coming soon below!

  • Festival Bingo – Are you planning on going to a festival this summer? Make sure to check out Festival Bingo when it launches to see what is on offer!
  • Chop Chop Bingo – Time is running out so make sure to check out Chop Chop Bingo when it launches very soon. This site is set to have some time limits on jackpots!
  • Play It Bingo – Play It Bingo looks like it is going to be jam-packed with games that we will love. This site is rumoured to launch in July so keep an eye on it!
  • Bingo Louder -There is nothing more exciting than hearing your last number on your bingo card being called out and this is why we are so excited to try out Bingo Louder!
  • Don’t Stop Bingo – We all know that it is hard to stop once you start winning which is why we are so excited for Don’t Stop Bingo. This site is rumoured to launch in July!

Don’t forget to join us again next week for some more bingo site news!

What The Past Year Brought To The Table

In order to predict what the future holds for bingo fans, we must look back at the changes and updates we have seen recently. Things have changed this year for bingo fans, as new bingo sites are always coming up with new rewards and bonuses to give out, and we expect to see more of this next year.

Following are the major trends we saw emerge so far:

More Mobile Apps

We think that mobile players will have an even bigger selection of apps as these players now make up a big portion of the bingo market. More sites are becoming mobile optimised to supply the demand. Game developers are now adapting new titles for iOS and Android as a matter of practice.

The majority of sites are still using HTML5 technology to optimise their site for mobile players, as apps can be costly to make. There are quite a few bingo sites with apps but these are in the minority, as it takes a lot of resources to create an app that works on a number of devices. Generally, sites that provide an app for their players also provide a mobile site too for those that don’t have compatible devices.

Just for fun bingo games usually come in app form, whether they are downloaded or played through Facebook, here are a few of the latest ones:

  • Monopoly Bingo: If you love the classic Monopoly game then you should check out this app. It combines the two popular games into one amazing app that’s all for fun.
  • Bingo Rush 2: This is a follow up to the popular Bingo Rush game that packs in even more games. Collect up items by playing in tourneys and chat with your friends too.
  • DoubleU Bingo: Travel the world with a cute mascot and her even cuter puppy. This bingo app comes with added puzzles and dress up games.

If you are downloading bingo apps then you should be careful to only do so from trusted sources. These include the App Store for your device and established bingo sites.

Apps in the Google Play Store

In the last year, Google have now allowed real money gambling apps to be added to their Play Store. This now makes it easier for bingo players to download apps for their favourite brands and get playing quickly. Prior to this, players would need to faff about with downloading direct from the brand – safe to say it’s much safer for players now that this has been migrated to the store.

Modern Bingo Site Designs

There’s a big difference for players when using older bingo sites when compared to brand new or updated ones. The design of a bingo site is becoming ever more important and brands are choosing to redesign to keep up with the competition. This is essential for the success of the bingo site, as they have to offer what other sites are too; including mobile compatibility and improved design.

Some sites are leaning towards a sleeker image, foregoing the usual mascots and garish colours. This may be seen as an improvement for some players but there are still plenty of quirky themed sites out there too. With the technology to make these sites shine, either way that you prefer to play, you’ll be able to make the most of these sites.

On these sites, the lobbies are becoming much clearer too so you can see exactly when the games are playing and the jackpots available. With bingo lobbies getting busier than ever, it’s out with the old and in with a clearer style for many bingo sites. They’re also always updating, so you can clearly see how many roomies are playing and what the jackpot amount sits at.

Overall, you’ll probably notice a huge change when playing on a modern bingo site though you might not always be able to put your finger on exactly what that change is. Sites are getting faster and easier to use too, so you’ll definitely notice a difference.

Dedicated Payment Methods

E-wallets are not new players in the world of online gaming. However, specially developed e-wallets are. This year MiFinity Payments launched the first e-wallet designed specifically for use in the gaming industry. The wallet boasts real-time fraud monitoring software and provides a seamless and flexible service for users.

In addition to gamer-specific e-wallets, it is likely that more sites will begin taking established e-wallets such as PayPal and Neteller. With more players than ever using mobile devices, quick and efficient payment methods are a must for every bingo and slot site.

Slot Sister Sites

Not everyone who plays at a bingo site is looking to play bingo. Slot games have long been the underrepresented staple of many a great bingo site. Thankfully, more brands are beginning to realise their value and have begun launching dedicated slot sites. These sister sites have all the great promos and reputability of their bingo siblings and are packed with great slots. Check out Wink Slots for a great example of a slot sister site.

More Bingo Varieties

We all love 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. They are stalwarts and they serve us well. However, as much as we love them, we do like a change now and then. This is where other bingo varieties come in. Some innovative bingo sites have already begun offering different games such as 30 ball speed bingo and 80 ball bingo.

Speed bingo is a great for those who are looking for a quick-fire, challenging game. 5 line, or Swedish bingo as it’s sometimes known, has been around for a while now. This variety gives players 5 opportunities to win a prize in every game.

We suspect that 2019 will be the year that many bingo sites begin offering more than just the traditional bingo varieties.

Diverse Bingo Networks

It seemed for a while there that Dragonfish really had the lion’s share of the market. They were launching sites every other month and the network was really expanding quickly. This has changed in 2018 as other networks have started to output sites a bit more often.

Jumpman Gaming bingo sites have rapidly increased in number over the year. They’ve been creating loads more new sites with spin the wheel bonuses that players seem to enjoy.

The number of sites on Cozy Games network have also slowed down a bit this year too. They’ve always been known for big no deposit bonuses, but with the bonus tax coming in in 2017, they’ve opted for free bingo. This could potentially be discouraging people from opening up new sites with them until they understand whether players like this kind of bonus or not.

New Slot Games in 2019

If you enjoy playing on slots, then you can look forward to some cool new themes and features as we move through this year.

One thing to be aware of is that slots may focus on more grown up and less cartoon themes. This is because there has been new guidance from Advertising Standards which asks operators not to use imagery that could appeal to children. Games like Fluffy Favourites and Jack and the Beanstalk now have to be hidden in the lobby, not on the main site where users can see them without age verification.

This could lead to a whole load of new themes, which should be interesting to watch out for. Frankly, we get a bit sick of the same old themes like Egyptian or wildlife themed slot games. Anything that switches this up a bit is a positive aspect in our book!

Things that won’t Change in Bingo

We can speculate about the things that will change, but there are a lot of aspects that will remain the same in the upcoming year.

First off, sites that continue to reward players and make them feel valued will succeed. Players are quite savvy these days and will vote with their feet, so if a site offers less than the competition then they won’t tend to play there. This has been true for a while now and it’s likely to stay the same.

Innovative sites that stand out will also continue to be on our radar. Why would you want to play on a copycat Dragonfish site that doesn’t offer anything new when you could be playing on a cool, innovative site? It really just makes sense to pick exciting sites.

Finally, good value for money will remain important to players as we move through the year. We want to feel like we’re getting a bit more for our money, whether that’s with some free bingo or with a prize.

Changes to Bonuses

As of August of 2017, bingo sites began to be taxed for the amount of bonuses that they gave to players. Many sites and operators are trying to find ways around this, which has led to the following changes:

  • Some sites are opting to reward their players with free spins instead of a single bonus.
  • We’re seeing some sites that usually gave their players big no deposit bonuses getting rid of these entirely.
  • Vouchers and gifts are also being used as incentives by sites to encourage players to sign up.
  • Lots of sites are going wagering requirements free in order to give players better value with smaller bonuses.
  • Spin the wheel bonuses are also becoming more common, as there are smaller guaranteed prizes available for players to win.

These are just some of the aspects that sites have been experimenting with to continue to make sure players want to sign up while offsetting a big tax bill. Some sites are still offering the same bonuses as ever though, as they think bringing in players is more important, time will tell if this changes in future.

Clearer T&Cs

The Gambling Commission have been really active recently, acting on the part of the consumer. This has led to a big crackdown on bingo sites that haven’t been representing their terms accurately enough. Terms that are too small to read, omit information or don’t tell the full story have led to big fines for operators.

While they’ve only targeted a few brands so far, it’s been publicised enough that other brands are taking note. We’re seeing bigger and clearer terms being displayed across sites, which is great for the customer. There will most likely be some more changes to the legislation during the year, so keep your eyes peeled for yet more changes.

Future Bingo Technology

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of playing bingo on a mobile phone would seem like science fiction but it’s now a reality. The world of bingo technology is changing all the time, which players on cutting edge sites may be aware of. Here are just some of the new gadgets to affect the bingo world:

  • Virtual Reality – These headsets are already influencing the casino world and bingo sites won’t be far behind. We’re already hearing news of virtual reality sites, just imagine how exciting these bingo games will be! Playing at home could be a totally new experience with a VR headset, as you’d really feel like you were in a bingo hall.
  • Smart Watches – If you have an iWatch or Android Wear device then you might have played a few slots on them already. So far, there are only a few of these games out there but as they get more popular, the number of games will also increase.
  • Bitcoin Payments – This cryptocurrency is hugely popular for online payments, though not many bingo sites accept it as of yet. Using the currency is a bit of a gamble, as it can be worth much more or much less on any given day.

While these new types of technology might not be rolled out on mainstream sites yet, they may be in future. Of course, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest tech coming your way this year and in the future too.

Predictions for the Rest of 2019

Quite often, we like to take a look into the future and think about the new trends that we expect to see, these are the ones that we’re predicting for the rest of 2019:

  • Fewer Wagering Requirements – As we see entire networks of no wagering sites, those that do have strict requirements will fall out of fashion. A larger portion of new bingo sites 2019 will be no wager sites.
  • More Choice for Players – As we move through the coming year, there will of course be some new game releases. These will include creative versions of bingo, slots and even casino games.
  • Improved Player Incentives on Social Media – With some social media sites, we’re not seeing brands put in a lot of effort as of yet. In 2019, they’ll be more likely to use these channels to interact as well as offering us some better incentives for joining in too.
  • No Deposit Perks – The bingo market is only getting more competitive, so we’ll still see new no deposit bingo sites offering us the chance to play for free. This will be great for bonus hunting players, we’ll most likely see new bingo sites with free spins as a perk too. While some sites may be discouraged because of the tax, others will pay the tax to make sure their players are still drawn to joining them.
  • A Crackdown on Legislation – The UK Gambling Commission is getting stricter, which is actually a good thing for players. We can expect to see them cracking down on sites with unfair terms, poor withdrawal limits and those that mislead customers with inaccurate adverts.
  • Better Payment Options – With cryptocurrencies and alternative payment methods becoming more common, we’ll see these being rolled out on sites too.
  • Player Focused Terms – As players, we have more power than ever and sites need to take note of this. By voting with our feet, unpopular sites with rubbish terms will just get left in the dust. This means that sites with high wagering and withdrawal requirements will need to change their game. We’ll also get more power to look into our transactions, how much we’re spending and even on which games.
  • Things we’d Like to See – The above are all pretty sure fire trends, but we’d still like to see some sites that shock us with something completely different. That could be a totally new rewards system, a virtual reality bingo lounge or some great celeb endorsements.

The possibilities are endless and sites that do well in 2019 will be the ones that really push for new and innovative features.

How To Find A Good Bingo Site

What makes a good bingo site? We all have our preferences, but certain features can be found time and again at all the best sites available today. If you have yet to join a particular site, try and tick off these features if you can, to ensure you have the best overall experience:

  • Research the site’s no deposit bonus.
  • Check T & Cs for wagering requirements
  • Research the brand to ensure it is properly licensed
  • Look for games with a high RTP percentage
  • Look for games by reputable developers such as Microgaming & Jumpman Gaming.
  • Look for games that offer multiple ways to win
  • Research other promotional deals and welcome bonus offers you can take advantage of
  • Look out for special member-only bonuses for existing players
  • Read reviews on trusted review sites, such as PGbingo

There are more and more bingo sites coming online each day, which means you can be even picker over where you choose to play! Don’t settle for second best if you think there’s something better out there.

Quicker Payout Tips

If you’re playing on one of these good bingo sites then you’ll probably want to cash out when you hit a jackpot. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll get your money much quicker:

  • Use an eWallet – If you’re using PayPal or Neteller then it will take less time to see your cash in your account compared to using a bank card. These eWallet services process the payment immediately after the site has approved it. When you’re using a bank card this can take an extra week to show up in your account.
  • Keep your ID handy – Many sites request that you send in proof of identification prior to your first cash out. If you take care of this early on, then you can breeze through the approval process.
  • Do your research – The length of time and fees associated with withdrawals can vary quite a bit from site to site. Reading reviews and shopping around means that you won’t get any nasty surprises in this regard.

With these tips in mind, all you have to do is win your jackpot and you can enjoy that cash!

These tips should help you make the best choice when looking for new bingo site. We have seen many changes recently, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next.