New Bingo Sites Coming from Cozy Games

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Cozy Games has been popping up a lot in the news recently. Generally, it appears that the developer’s bingo software is a popular target for new bingo sites. However, although it seems to be popular among bingo operators, players are not necessarily being swayed by what’s on offer. Over the course of the next few months, there are three brand new bingo sites set to be launched, including Lucky Lady Bingo, Reem Bingo, and Merlin Bingo, all of which have clear themes.

Reem Bingo

Obviously, it gets harder to think of original brand names for bingo sites as more and more are launched, but surely something like Reem Bingo is a bit too specialised and geared solely to the TOWIE market? Specialised Christmas and Halloween sites have traditionally struggled at other times of the year, so focusing on TOWIE could limit the potential of Reem Bingo.

As of December 2014, Reem Bingo is yet to be launched. However, the Reem Bingo logo has made it online. The style looks more retro than anything else, which is surprising when you consider that TOWIE is all about designer glamour. That being said, there is some bling around the logo.

Lucky Ladies Bingo

This new brand is much less specialised than Reem Bingo, so it appears better from a distance. In our opinion, though, it is slightly lacking in originality and is a little too close to a couple of other popular bingo brands: 888ladies and Lucky Pants Bingo. Maybe they are trying to capture some of the players from these well-known and established sites. Either way, naming your brand something so similar to other sites is bound to cause some confusion, which could easily lead to them losing out on potential new players.

Merlin Bingo

Merlin easily has the best name of the three. The name Merlin instantly makes us think of the legendary wizard and magic, the latter of which has proven to be a popular theme within the online gambling industry. Making it even better is that with such a level of originality, Merlin will be able to create a well-branded and relatively distinctive bingo site. We are certainly looking forward to trying out this one when it is live.

Coming to the Live Bingo Network

With these sites set to be launched on the Live Bingo network, we are sceptical whether these sites will even properly take off. There is certainly no shortage of similar sites on the network, and if one thing’s for certain, the network could have a better reputation. Players have complained about the chat hosts in the past, as well as unfair wagering requirements and a lack of unique bingo promotions.

Considering that we now have hundreds bingo sites available to players in the UK, it is surprising that we are still seeing so many new sites being fast-tracked for imminent launches. You would have thought that the market is saturated enough already, without new brands being launched to expand it further.