Lucky Charms for Bingo Players

If you’re a superstitious bingo player then you might have a lucky charm that you use to help you win. Everything from rabbits’ feet to lucky pants have been used to help people through the ages but bingo players take it to a whole new level.

Top Sites to Try Your Luck

Let’s test our luck and gather our bingo good luck charms to play on these bingo sites:

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Different Ways Players Try To Improve Their Luck

Lucky Charms

If you’ve ever played bingo in a hall, then you’ll have noticed a lot of lucky charms sitting on the tables. These can include troll dolls, lucky keychains, cards and so many other items. Some of them aren’t even trinkets, such as:

  • Mantras – It’s not unusual for players to whisper mantras, prayers or even just poems during a bingo game. The advantage of online bingo is that no one else can hear you!
  • Lucky numbers – Although most of the time you can’t pick your own cards, many players find it reassuring to see their lucky bingo numberson a card.
  • Jewellery or Clothing – You’ve probably heard of sports players wearing lucky socks or rings and it’s no different in bingo. Some people even rub their jewellery or touch another lucky item for good luck.
  • A Friend – Weirdly enough, some players think they have better luck if they take a lucky friend along with them. Statistically speaking, another player actually means you’ll be less likely to win but some people think their lucky friend is worth it.

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The Setup

Having your bingo game set up exactly the way you want it is often a point of contention for some superstitious players. Using the same tablet or bingo brand is how most online players stick to their lucky routine. Even playing at the same time is one of the bingo superstitions that many players stick to.

Good Omens

If you start to play bingo games then you might notice some good omens coming your way. This can be different things for different players, such as getting the first ticket in the room or even meeting a roomie that they know.

Winning Streaks

Getting on a winning streak is a sign of good things to come for players who are superstitious. This can be a slippery slope for players though, as it can be easy to throw your money away when you do this.

Real Ways to Change your Luck

If you’re looking to improve your chances when it comes to winning at bingo then you can use the following, statically proven tips:

  • Play in less populated rooms
  • Use loyalty points and bonuses for free games
  • Only play on fair bingo sites

These are good tips for any player but especially prudent if you would like to improve your luck.

Whether these lucky charms have any effect on a game or if they’re just superstition is unclear, as there really might be something to the idea. We’ll be keeping our lucky socks on, just in case!