Loyalty Schemes on Bingo Sites

Bingo sites use a number of different methods to encourage new players to join up with them.

One particular weapon that these bingo sites have in their arsenal that works well is the loyalty programme for their players.

Bingo Sites with Loyalty Schemes

Almost every website out there offers some sort of loyalty programme to its users. So to simplify things we’ve picked out a couple of our favourite bingo sites with great loyalty programs that are worth checking out:

Cheers Bingo

Be loyal to Cheers & get larger redeposit bonuses, exclusive jackpots & other benefits!

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Wink Bingo

Wink gives you a massive 400% welcome bonus! Plus, Play for free & win up to £900!

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What Are Loyalty Schemes?

For those that are not familiar with them, loyalty schemes are basically a programme that will let you earn special bonuses, perks and other fantastic prizes for playing on the site.

The rewards you can pick up differ from site to site as some will give you things like birthday bonuses, extra deposit offers, free bingo rooms, access to exclusive games, invites to events, physical prizes and the chance to go on holidays or trips.

Also, bingo sites will sometimes let you convert your loyalty points into real cash, so you can pick up a little extra money for amassing tons of points!

These rewards also come in tiers with the higher levels having better rewards and to progress up these various levels you will need to pick up bingo loyalty points by spending cash or depositing on a site.

Can You Transfer Loyalty Points Over?

Unfortunately with the majority of bingo sites you can’t transfer loyalty points over to other sites on the same network. If you collect a bunch of points on one networked site and then jump onto one of its sister websites you will have to start building up all of your points again from scratch.

So if you plan on jumping onto another site, you may want to reconsider as you will lose all those hard earned points.

Although, there are a few exceptions like Wink Bingo for example who let you level up to the top tier in their loyalty programme on one site and have it apply to their sister sites like Posh Bingo, Tasty Bingo and others.

How to Choose Which Site to Be Loyal to

Since so many different sites offer some sort of reward programme it can be quite difficult to find a site to play on that will give you the most of out of your cash.

A good approach is to research each loyalty scheme on bingo sites first before you join, that way you can figure out which one will give you the best rewards for showing them your loyalty.

So should you ever be looking into getting more from a gambling site, why not see if they have a loyalty programme that you can sign up with. Each one is different and they all have great rewards for you to pick up!