Just How Much of a Con is Online Bingo?

There are loads of reasons to join in on exciting online bingo games. You can get to make new friends, talk to new people and generally have a good time – not to mention the chance to win fun prizes and cash profits. But unfortunately some players have negative experiences with online bingo and gambling, believing games to be a con, or that their sites are scamming them. If you’ve heard any of these stories, then they can be rather alarming. To help you out, we’ve got together to answer the question – how safe is online bingo? And more than that, what can we do to help keep our details safe online?

Common Complaints in Online Bingo

First of all, let’s take a look at some of the most common complaints made by online bingo players. One of the most commonly made complaints is that it’s the same players winning every time. Sometimes this is just for smaller promotions, such as Facebook competitions, but sometimes it might be noticeable on online games, including big jackpot games. After watching the same player win several times over, it’s understandable that many players begin to wonder – “is it fixed?”

Another common complaint is payouts on players wins might be delayed. This means that a player is awarded with a win, but then has to wait longed than the allocated time period for the cash to appear in their account, meaning that they are not able to withdraw and spend their cash.

And finally, some players complain of being locked out of their account, either temporarily, or permanently. Obviously the practice on some bingo sites to ban players serves to prevent players from violating the terms and conditions, and also to protect other players. For example, if someone is being abusive to other players on bingo chat games, then a site might decide to ban them either from the site, or from the chatrooms, indefinitely. Whilst obviously this is a protective measure for other players, the fact that this is usually done randomly and without warning has drawn a fair amount of criticism from players.

Possible explanations

So, we now know about the common complaints which bingo players have about the sites they are playing. So what are the possible reasons for these discretions? One possible issue is that some sites do not have their Terms and Conditions as well laid out as they could, leading some players to become confused about things such as the withdrawal time period as well as what actions will get them banned from the site. For example, some sites ban players for playing too many free bingo games, but how much free bingo is too much isn’t always clearly stated in the terms and conditions, leaving players confused and open to making honest mistakes.

Another issue is player fraud, which may attribute for the same players on a bingo site winning multiple times. Sometimes players are able to sign up using more than one account, allowing themselves extra opportunities to win on the site, as well as additional chances to take advantage of the bonus offers available on the site. Whilst this isn’t necessarily the bingo site’s fault, it is best if they are able to keep an eye on players who are playing from the same address and keep on top of identity checks in order to prevent this happening.

Finally, some bingo sites are just dodgy, not run by official gambling practices and regulations, and do not play by fair rules when it comes to their players, manipulating games or else deliberately making T&Cs unclear so as to confuse people.

How to avoid fraud

So what is the best way to avoid online bingo scams? To begin with, before you sign up to any bingo site, you should check out what safety and security measures they have available on the site. This includes things like a gambling license, and making sure than they are ensured by a reputable online gambling regulator, such as the UK gambling commission.

It might also be useful to take a look at what financial security measures are available on the site. These include the actual security software used by the site, but also what payment options are available. A site which offers the option of using secure payment methods, such as PayPal or PaySafeCard is probably more reputable than one which doesn’t.

Finally, make sure you carefully read the Terms and Conditions of any online bingo site before you sign up to it so that you can avoid any nasty surprises. If the T&Cs aren’t very clear, then perhaps you should look at another bingo site to sign up to, as the one you’re looking at might be dodgy.

To sum up – is online bingo a con? In most cases, no, bingo sites are genuine. However, you will always get a few sites spoiling things and giving everyone else a bad reputation, so make sure you follow our advice above to avoid getting lumped with a bad site. Good luck!