Introducing Enviro-Bingo

The folks here at happen to be passionate about the natural environment as well as playing online and mobile bingo — can’t you tell? That’s just our unique mix of interests. We can’t help it if we feel like combining environmental themes with our bingo advice — like the PG’s Green Lifestyle section of this site.

Many of our readers, too, (some of them parents) are also interested in anything their families can do to be less wasteful, smarter with energy, eating healthy stuff, and so on. That’s why we respond by sharing the staff’s passion about stewardship toward the environment, which we all share.

The Kids of Bingo Players

So many of the bingo rooms and side games brought to your attention by on online bingo sites are quite youthful and cute — no wonder small kids enjoy watching Mum giggle as she plays her bingo (while Dad watches them, no doubt). We, for our part, would love to help our readership teach their children about conservation and responsibility toward the planet’s living systems.

That’s how, one day, the idea started going around that PG Bingo could organise the production of a top-quality Enviro-Bingo game for our site’s followers’ kids, and the whole wide world’s kids, too!

Therefore, our team has swung into action with the intention to bring this really great bingo game to kids who love it — a game that teaches them about environmental realities and conservation habits they are likely to adopt early.

Isn’t that an idea whose time has come! We think so as well, and so crowd-funding is a great way this project will take wings (that is, sharing the project and then accepting online micro-donations). This way, the game belongs to a much bigger community than PG Bingo alone, and, it will gain publicity at the same time.

Enviro-Bingo Leaping Off the Drawing Board

PG Bingo’s crowd-funded, environmentally themed bingo application (and mobile app) is as sophisticated as the live bingo games that parents and all other players find through our site. Only with this game, the bingo caller is a tropical bird who sings out environmental messages throughout the action!

The game we have designed obviously features Nature-related squares instead of numbers. There are several side-games and challenges that provide moments to show kids vital environmental information. Compared to the bingo rooms available, the ‘Enviro-Bingo’ Game (tentatively named!) was slated to contain more variation during game-play, breaks in the action, which it uses to hold kids’ attention.

Certain squares, if daubed by the child, lead to the extra game scenes with rich content about the environment. There is a balanced rhythm when playing between the normal bingo card, and these advanced screens.

Best of all, when reaching Bingo! the player is given a vision of the future that corrects many of the environmental problems that the game has brought to attention, and, offers ideas for future pro-nature careers, too.

child in nature

Why Enviro-Bingo Will Work

Games, according to our research, are probably one of the most exciting new areas of educational theory and practice — using what feels like play-time to teach young minds that do not perceive they are supposed to be ‘learning’ or ‘at school’ at all while playing.

The title of an article in Stanford News about the conference it gave in 2013 is very revealing: “Playing to learn: Panelists at Stanford discussion say using games as an educational tool provides opportunities for deeper learning”* — the many experts who had gathered suggested that whatever a child learns during play-time sinks into the mind and the reservoir of knowledge better.

That really is obvious whenever we observe our kids as they play — they are in the mood of jolly fun, and their minds are very open and receptive, not the mention the abundant energy they feel during those moments.

New media and especially mobile technologies are wonderful canvases to let kids both play, create and learn all at the same time. There is the added bonus that their young minds also become skilled at collaborating and sharing on the Web, useful later in life.

Those are some of the reasons that PG Bingo aims to combine what we do best — deliver and review awesome online bingo — with this superb social project. It is socially relevant, but of course teaching our kids to respect the natural world is much bigger than society or culture; it’s history in the making.