Intelligent Ways to recycle your Household Rubbish this winter

‘Tis the season for festive feeling and fun! Winter time brings with it a brand new year which means that there is no better time to start thinking about ways in which you can improve your way of living. Most people see the New Year as a time for change in diet, workout routines and home and work-life, but have you thought about ways in which you can decrease your carbon footprint and save money, and all while exercising your streak of creativity?

If not, it’s time to forget about disposing of your household rubbish items and recycle them into something that’s totally useful. Things like an empty wine bottle, bits of cardboard, twine and other objects may just be the ingredients that you need to transform your home with some fabulous festive additions.

Let’s take a look at some intelligent ways to recycle your household rubbish this winter.

1) Candle Holders

Winter is the time of year when candles are lit to really encapsulate a warm, calming feeling in the home. Why not take your unwanted empty glass bottles and transform them into beautiful candleholders? Use different sized bottles to give your advent wreath candles a transformative look, or simply place them alongside mantelpieces or as table centrepieces. If you wish to get really creative, get out some paint, ribbon or bits of holly to complete the look.

candle holders

2) Frame It

Have you got discarded, empty frames lying about the house? Why not give them a new lease of life by inserting some Christmas cards into them? In one clear-cut swoop, you’ll have converted two simple items into an impressive looking decoration to hang up or place on the table. You could also polish unused frames or even decorate them and add in a photo of a loved one to create a thoughtful gift.

3) Tube Up Your Cookies

From Pringles cans to tubes of sweets, you’ll start to notice a lot of empty tubes complete with lids that are destined for the recycling bin. Consider covering them in wrapping paper, bows or paint and pop cookies or someone’s favourite biscuits or sweets inside and boom – you’ll be left with a handmade gift made easy, and less waste for you to worry about!

4) Wrap It In News

Got newspaper that needs recycling? Why not use it as wrapping paper? It can save you money and, when used properly, it looks incredible. Top it off with ribbon, twine or even some baubles that may have been left over from your tree and you’ve got one impressively wrapped gift.

5) Cap Your Game!

Have a few bottle caps lying around at home? Gather them, some paint and a square piece of cardboard and the possibilities for creations will be endless. Build a game of tic, tac, toe, draughts, or create your very own game. You’ll be praised for such ingenuity and skill, and it’s an excellent way of transforming your recycling products.

bottle caps


6) Snow milkman!

A what? You heard it – a snow milkman! Everyone has empty milk bottles lying around and this craft is super easy and one that the kids will absolutely love. This could be the craftiest, most creative winter recycling idea yet. Don’t forget to add in some festive lights to brighten this idea up even further!

Reduce your waste and get inspired by undertaking some of the above winter craft ideas. A sure way of having fun, reducing your carbon footprint and producing some awesome new creations, isn’t it time that you began to think of more intelligent ways to recycle your household rubbish this winter?

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