In the Mood for a Bingo Binge? 5 Tips to Prep like a Pro

Lots of us have certain traditions that we like to follow when it comes to getting online. Whether they come from superstition or just that they help us to get in the game, we have very special preparation tips. If you’re looking for some new bingo tips then we have just the suggestions for you.

Our Fav Sites To Indulge

Before we do anything, we check out how good a bingo site is and these are some of our top ones that we would suggest:

  • Kitty Bingo – This site has everything we need to sink into some great bingo games; including bonuses and mobile compatibility.
  • Wink Bingo – Get your bingo fix with this site for an almost unrivalled selection of bingo games around the clock.
  • Bingo Diamond – This gem of a site will offer you a host of cut price bingo games, so it’s always a good time to get online.
  • Cheers Bingo – This site has the perfect atmosphere that we love to play in at the end of a long day, no matter what mood we’re in.
  • Lucky Cow Bingo – With free bingo every day, there’s never a bad time to get playing with this bingo site.

Just take a peek at the T&Cs of these bingo sites before you play.

Our Tips

Get ready to learn our 5 key points that make for a great bingo session every time! Try them out to discover if they work for you too.

5. The Setting

There’s nothing worse than trying to play some bingo while being distracted or uncomfortable. Therefore, when we play it’s essential that we relax and get our bingo music playing in the background. This helps us to settle down and play bingo without feeling stressed out or ending up doing something else instead.

By playing bingo more often, you’ll probably find activities that you enjoy that go along with the game. This could be playing mobile bingo while watching TV or using a desktop site with peace and quiet.

4. Survival Kit

If you’re like us then you like to go in for a long bingo binge when you’re on a winning streak. Keeping your survival kit to hand will allow you to keep playing, as you don’t need to leave for drinks or snacks.

An essential part of our kit are our lucky charms, as without these we just don’t feel like we win as often! Lots of players rely on these charms, like jewellery or items around where they play, so it’s not that strange.

3. Pick Your Poison

Don’t waste your time trawling the internet before you play, have an idea of where you’d like to play and what bingo bonuses you’re in line for. Lining up sites and jackpot games means that you can just jump from one to another without waiting around or wasting your time.

If you rarely get a chance to relax and play bingo then this is a real must, as you’ll find you can squeeze in a lot more with the time you have. Busy bingo players can use mobile sites to get straight to playing too.

2. Know Your Limits

This really applies to any type of gambling, as you never want to go overboard or spend too much. Have in mind what games you want to take part in and how much you intend to spend on them, then stick to it.

With so many jackpot games out there, it can be easy to overspend and then feel guilty about it later so have your schedule and budget sorted before you play. That way, you won’t be as tempted to buy more tickets.


Don’t forget why you’re playing bingo, it’s supposed to be good fun and offer you a relaxing distraction. If you find yourself getting stressed out or not having fun anymore then you should take a break. Then, when you come back to the game it will be like new and fun all over again.

Take our top tips into account next time you settle down to play your favourite games to enhance your time online. Grab your snacks, music and bonuses to get the best bingo experience possible.