How Can Fashion Be Environmentally Friendly?

In the last few years the concept of fashion which is both stylish and has a positive impact on the environment has really taken off to the point where a lot of big designers and labels are starting to get behind a big push to make more of our clothes environmentally friendly.

What Is Eco-Friendly Fashion?

Eco-Friendly fashion is a really straightforward concept. Basically, it’s a design philosophy that aims to create sustainability from the industry – be that in the use of materials or supporting environmentalism through donations to charities that protect the environment.

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It’s a way of blending the protection of the natural world with the fashion industry to benefit both parties and it’s already been incredibly successful. If this has peaked your curiosity you can check out what Eco-Friendly fashion is in more detail here

What Brands Are Environmentally Friendly?

A lot of brands and designers have already jumped aboard the Eco-Friendly fashion bandwagon. For starters there’s Freedom of Animals, this interesting brand uses faux leather purses and other items and although it may look real enough their leather is made from 100% recycled materials. Through a painstaking process that actually uses 70% less energy and materials than the standard leather manufacturing process they make their Celine styled items out of water bottles, organic cotton and other recyclable materials.

Then there’s EDUN, which was founded by Ali Hewson and her famous rockstar husband Bono in 2005. They use only organic cotton which is provided by local African communities so there’s no need to strip out vast areas of land to industrially farm cotton.

Another one worth mentioning is Blue Q as this American brand uses a rather unique approach to fashion where they use 95% recycled elements so you’ll things like old grain sacks as dresses or print shirts. Plus they also donate 1% of their sales to The Nature Conservancy Programme to protect areas from environmental damage.

Finally there’s Tiania Inglis, this Brooklyn based designer uses a unique vegetable tanned leather production method, this means that there’s no corrosive or damaging chemicals potentially leaking into the environment.

She also uses dead stock wool from the New York clothes industry. These are materials which are normally thrown out so she’s putting them to good use and sparing the environment from any more waste.

What Other Eco-Fashion Trends Would We Like To See In The Future?

Since eco-fashion is really starting to take off now there are a few new trends we would still like to see happen in the industry in the future. For starters there could be more natural based clothes made from things like hemp or even tree-bark if it’s treated right.

As well as the production of environmentally positive fashionable items there should also be a change in attitudes towards the way in which we go about getting our items. For example, more designers should try eco-friendly production method like using less chemicals or pollutants to make clothes. Or they could try using every last scrap of their material rather than dumping any leftovers which in turn leads to more waste in landfills.

So when you’re buying a new wardrobe for yourself why don’t you try making sure that all your clothes are eco-friendly. Not only will you feel good as you do your part to help the environment, you’ll also look good while you do it.

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