Guaranteed Bingo Jackpots

There’s nothing more thrilling then winning a big jackpot on a new online bingo site. That’s why guaranteed bingo jackpots are definitely a crowd pleaser when they are featured on a bingo brand.  Unlike some other jackpot games, with these games you can look forward to guaranteed cash prizes.  The jackpot won’t fluctuate no matter what the ball count is or no matter how many players are in the room – it will always remain the same.  People like to know what they are getting which is what the attraction to these kinds of games are.

Bingo Sites with Guaranteed Jackpots

WTG Bingo
  • Spin Wheel on Deposit
  • Up to 500 Free Spins
  • Amazon Vouchers

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Wink Bingo

Wink gives you a massive 400% welcome bonus! Plus, Play for free & win up to £900!

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Mecca Online Bingo

Deposit £10 @ Mecca & get £30 FREE!

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

How much can you Usually Win?

The amount that you can usually win completely depends on the brand and on the amount they are charging per ticket.  On the smaller brands where there aren’t as many players – the jackpots could be a little smaller such as on the £200 mark, but if it’s on a large network like Dragonfish they have been known to host guaranteed prize pools that go up to £200K.  Again, it’s all about what you can afford, so for the smaller guaranteed online bingo jackpots, it could cost just 10p but those big ones could cost £5 a ticket.

What T&C’s should you watch out for?

There are some terms and conditions you should look out for when purchasing tickets for these kinds of games.  As always there would be a maximum number of tickets that you can purchase to bring an element of fairness into proceedings.  You should also look to see if there is any specific criteria you need to meet to access it.  Do you need to have made a deposit within a certain timeframe?  Do you need to be a funded player?  It could perhaps that you may need to have completed another action of challenge.

Now you know everything you need to know about fixed jackpots – go and get yourself some tickets.