Gamification Bingo Sites

Bingo sites have all sorts of tips and tricks to get us interested in playing with them, from big bonuses to eye catching designs. One of these is to create a story around their site, otherwise known as gamification. Let’s take a look at this concept in depth…

Best Gamification Sites

These sites are all shining examples of this concept:

WTG Bingo – Play on this site and you can see a range of gamification concepts, if you’re a happy shopper then you’ll feel right at home here.

Big Tease Bingo – This site has a massive sense of community involvement, with sassy mascots leading you around what they have to offer.

Lucky Cow Bingo – This site has a fun and friendly vibe, with a cartoon mascot that will really immerse you into the lobby.

Top Dog Slots – If you’re looking for motivation to play, then you can’t go wrong with this site, as they have trophies and promos to keep you motivated.

Glossy Bingo – There are loads of perks for playing here and this site has a lot of personality to get to grips with.

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What is Gamification?

So what exactly is bingo site gamification? This concept basically means that a site has a story to engage their players. This can be anything from a mascot or a person to show you around, to motivational promotions that push you to play more, like trophies. This creates something of a story for players and makes you feel more motivated to enjoy time on their site.

Even slots can have their own elements of gamification, like levels and characters. This is a great thing for players, as you’re not just playing the same games over and over. This kind of brilliant gameplay does tend to make us feel more like playing, so I guess it does its job well!

Why Gamify?

The motivation behind gamification sites really comes from the need to stand out in this industry. This super competitive industry has new sites coming along all the time, so anything that sites can use as a way to stand out. Creating a story around their site can appeal to some players that would perhaps not be interested in a basic site.

This also means that players are more engaged, so they keep coming back for more. If you’re feeling entertained and work with a brand regularly, then you come to like them a bit more. This gives them the edge over another site that you want to try out, so you’re more likely to come back to them.

Elements of Gamification

Here are some examples of some aspects you can find on your favourite gamification websites:

  • Wheel Prizes – Just like the Mega, Turbo and Super Wheels, prize wheels help to keep players engaged. This gives you a bit of a boost when you play, as you can look forward to winning prizes. This is an element of gamification that can really change things around for players.
  • Tourneys – If you’re a competitive player then this kind of gamification will really appeal to you. This will give you the motivation to play on games and to beat other players, which is exactly what competitive players just love to do!
  • Trophies – Using a trophy can also give players a nudge to keep coming back. Filling up your account with achievements and reaching new heights always appeals to us.
  • Chat Teams and Challenges – Being part of a team really enhances the usual bingo gameplay, as you have the team spirit on your side. There’s nothing better than being able to rely on your fellow team mates to push you over the finish line and claim some prizes.
  • Multiplayer Games – Playing against or with others always makes us feel more excited. With ways to play against or with one another, especially on slots, your time gets a bit more exciting.
  • Gamified Slots – You can bet that if a slot have levels and features you can bet that we’ll be motivated to come back for more. This can also give us a chance to progress through the game, rather than playing at the same level all the time.
  • Leaderboards – If you want to battle your way to the top, then you can enjoy a cheeky leaderboard game. Getting to the top is one thing and staying there is a challenge too!
  • Gaming Elements on Site – Sometimes, a whole site can be set out like a game, with layers and levels to explore. These sites can be a bit tricky for players at first, but they’re really rewarding on the whole.
  • VIP Perks – These can feel like a game in themselves, as you progress through the different levels, earning perks and new treats as you go.
  • Social Interaction – Chatting and getting social allows you to meet other players. A site is a lot more exciting if you have friends there! These give you the chance chat and come back to a community of friends.
  • Social Media Games and Competitions – The concept of gamblification is prevalent on social media, with competitions and games. These players will then be more likely to cross over to the site too.

A Little Deeper

There are some great gamification slots out there, here are some of our favourites!


In this NetEnt game, there are three levels that take you through to the finish line. You go from hunting the alien to discovering its lair, with every level of the game offering something different.

Castle Builder

This game is all about creating your very own castle, with each spin allowing you to add more pieces to your structure. This Microgaming slot will take you from the foundations to a fully-fledged castle of jackpots.


Gamification is very much in full flow and it’s something that many players now look out for. This is a big movement and more players can get accustomed to a challenging gaming atmosphere.