Gala Coral Performing Strongly

Gala Coral is the result of the October 2005 merger between Gala Bingo and Coral, back then a chain of UK-wide betting shops. Since that £2.18 billion merger, the new organisation has thrived, launching various new gaming platforms and drawing in more players than ever before.

Overall, Gal Coral managed to increase its earnings in 2013 from £205.7 million to £235.5 million, representing an increase of 14.5%. Within that performance, though, what was notable was the success of Gala Bingo. From all over the positive news for Gala Coral, it was the Gala Bingo that particularly impressed.

Gala Bingo Increases Revenue

In 2013, it was determined that Gala Bingo managed to increase its revenue by an incredible 21%, which is above the 14.5% rate of increase for the entire company. All counted, Gala Bingo generated revenue of £79.5 million from its online operation. This was particularly impressive, as highlighted by industry analysts considered the online bingo market to be relatively static in 2013. Nevertheless, though, Gala was able to deliver a strong performance in spite of the static activity.

From within the figures, it should also be pointed out that Gala Bingo now has a presence on Sweden. In terms of performance, the Swedish bingo site managed to generate £100,000. While that might not seem like a lot compared to the larger figures, it needs to be pointed out Gala is entirely new to the Swedish market, with success to be gauged on a smaller scale.

Bingo Halls Rebounding

In differentiating between the online and offline operations of Gala, the key differentiation is to refer to the bingo halls collectively as retail bingo. Performance in this area of the business is worth evaluating after the decline in bingo hall tax to 15%.

Although, the rate of bingo tax has been cut, this came too late to have an impact on the 2013 figures. Nevertheless, Gala prepared for survival by decreasing its operating costs by £10.4 million, enabling the bingo halls to increase earnings by 30% to  reach £32.9 million.

That approach helped to ensure the survival of Gala Bingo Halls, with attendance only increasing by 1% in 2013. In theory, the performance of the bingo halls should improve greatly in 2014 after the introduction of lower bingo tax. However, we will have to wait until 2015 for those results.

Gala Experience Helped Coral Bingo

After years of holding back, Coral Bingo is now an actual bingo site. Honestly, that probably would never happened without the presence of Gala Bingo. Simply having the in-house knowledge and expertise in the new organisation has made the launch of Coral Bingo a much simpler and more streamlined experience than it would have been otherwise.

For instance, Gala’s ties to Playtech and Virtue Fusion ensured that top-notch online bingo software was acquired to create the Coral offering. Players of Coral can now indulge in the likes of Coronation Street Bingo as well as the exclusive Coral Value Room. Less high profile online bingo software would not have worked for a gambling operator as widely recognised as Coral.

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