Funny Bingo Memes That Will Have You in Stitches

Sometimes when we play bingo, we forget that it’s supposed to be fun! Bingo memes are a great way to tickle our funny bones, as we can identify with most of them. We’re bringing you the ones that have us in stiches, we hope they give you a giggle too.

Fun Sites To Play With

If you like a bingo site to have a good sense of humour then we’d say the following ones are some of the best on the internet:

Lucky Cow Bingo – This funny, cartoon bingo site is presided over by a cute cow and has a bit of an odd humorous quality. Their fun and friendly welcome offer gives you the chance to win 500 free spins too.

888 Ladies – This is a site that’s packed full of jokes, girl power and a real community feel. They’ll treat you to £70 to play with from a £10 deposit when you use code WIN70.

Cheers Bingo – Everything you need to know about this site is in the name, they love to party and celebrate. You’ll be celebrating with their welcome offer if you win the maximum of £2500 in funds.

Kitty Bingo – Most of the best memes contain cats, so it’s no surprise that this site has silly cats all over the place.

Terms and conditions of all offers can be found on their sites, read them before you play.

The Best Bingo Memes


Everyone loves Grumpy Cat and when he’s joined by a joke about bingo it doesn’t get much better than this. We feel like this meme really gets us as this is our face exactly when we miss out on bingo. If you’re always reminding other roomies to get into jackpot rooms then you’ll know this feeling too.


We’re sure this is yet another meme that most players can relate to, as losing at a game of bingo is never fun, especially when you have so few numbers on your bingo card. This is one of the funniest memes because it’s so childish but we’ve all felt like this while playing, though we hope our faces don’t look quite that bad.


This one doesn’t really need much explanation, as we usually look like success kid when we bingo in a big jackpot game. Either that or we’re dancing around like some other funny memes, but we felt that this one deserves a special mention because it’s so simple.


Have you ever gotten mixed up while playing another game and just revert to bingo terminology? As bingo is a part of our lives almost every day we can definitely relate to this meme, as our minds always jump to the game. If you’ve ever gotten mixed up between bingo and real life then this meme is for you.


Who could forget when ‘keep calm’ images were all the rage? You couldn’t go anywhere online without encountering this type of image and it’s even better when it relates to bingo! We’re not sure that bingo always makes us calm though, especially when we’re just waiting for 1 or 2 to go.


Speaking of waiting for 1TG and 2TG, this is yet another one that most players can relate to – which is the basis of any successful meme. The moment when another player snatches a jackpot while you’re still waiting on a number is enough to make any player want to cry!

If you’re a bingo player in need of a chuckle then bingo memes might just help you out. The more you feel they apply to you the better, even if they do make you feel a bit batty about bingo.

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