Fun and Easy DIY Recycling Ideas

In age of austerity where we fret and over-analyse individual expenditures, it can be quite refreshing to find something that we can make at home for free.

Being able to turn our old household items into something new and useful instead of just adding them to an ever growing pile of rubbish is not only incredibly rewarding but it’s also easy on the wallet. That’s why recycling old objects into new and more useful items is becoming quite popular amongst those of us who are looking to save some cash as we turn our trash into ornaments, practical items or even toys.

We’ve listed a few examples below of some of the things you can try with your garbage.

Bottle Decorations

This can be applied to both plastic and glass bottles.

For the glass bottles you could turn them into ornaments by taking a page out of the restaurant businesses book and melting a candle on top of your old bottles, making a fancy candle stand with it. You could also fill the wider necked bottles with some soil and plant a few flower seeds inside them to create your own custom plant pot, just make sure you thoroughly wash the bottle first.

With the plastic bottles you have a wider range of options available as you can happily cut them up to create decorations, poke holes in them and use them as unique plant watering fixtures or even make them into small toys for your children.

Home Made Toys

Making Home Made Toys is always a popular option as kids nowadays, especially the younger ones, always want the latest action figure or gadget that can often climb into rather ridiculous price ranges. That’s why a lot of parents are turning to making toys from items they have lying around the house.

One option is to start a homemade toy project with your child by having both of you create your own animals out of old plastic milk cartons or even egg boxes. You could also create educational toys out of milk bottle tops and old tubs to help with number counting.

Finally instead of throwing out any old juice cartons, why not paint them and turn them into a set of walkie-talkies for your children.

Old Cans

Everyone at some point has had a ton of old cans sitting around their house. Rather than throw them in the bin, you could turn them into something useful like cookie moulds simply by cutting them up.

homemade cookies

If you’re feeling creative, another option is to make jewellery out of them. You could even fold a few of them into intricate shapes and string them up along a wall outside so they catch the wind, transforming them into homemade wind chimes.


Finally there’s cardboard, which can be used almost universally in recycling projects because of how malleable it is.

The most obvious choice for old cardboard is that you could use it to create your own Bingo cards for games that you can play at home with your friends or family members. Another option is to paint it and turn it into a custom keep-sake box for all your old photos, jewellery or even old phones or cables.

So the next time you’re thinking about buying something, why not take a look around your house first and try using a few of your recyclables from home. Not only will this save you a bit of cash but you’ll have a homemade item that you can keep and treasure for years to come.