Fast Paced Bingo Games

Speed bingo is very different to the laid-back idea you might have of bingo. Here, you’ve got to be quick to stay in the game, so it reaches a level of excitement you may not get anywhere else!

We’ve got facts, tips and hints on every aspect of speed bingo right here. Are you ready to play?

Top sites to play speed bingo

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Fast paced bingo games and variants


This is one of the most recent speed bingo games to hit the internet. It’s a quick-fire experience and you’ve got far fewer balls to try and match.

Cash Cubes

If you want to play something totally different, Cash Cubes does the job. You have to win lines or squares in order to unlock cash cubes. They’re so-called because they can bring you cash prizes.

Flash Fives

Playing cards instead of bingo balls? Yep, that’s the idea here. You buy lines of five playing cards, and if you manage to match all five on a line as the cards are drawn, you win.

Swedish Bingo

This is similar to 75-ball bingo, but it has many more prizes than the traditional version. The numbers are arranged on a 5×5 grid, so it is also sometimes referred to as five-line bingo.

Free speed bingo apps

If you want a taste of bingo on your smart phone or tablet, there are plenty of superb bingo apps just waiting to be downloaded too. Have a taste of these…

Absolute Speed Bingo

With multiple levels, pictures to unlock and coins to collect, this app enables you to win several times on a single card if you get lucky.

Bingo Blaze

Bingo Blaze offers up 12 worlds to play bingo in. You can also play up to four cards at one time. It’s colourful and entertaining and players seem to love it!

Bingo Gem Rush

Unlimited free cards to play come with this bingo app. There are opportunities to unlock various features and to go head-to-head with friends who have the same app.

Pros and cons of fast paced bingo

If you find traditional bingo a bit slow, these versions will definitely solve that issue:

  • It’s easy to understand
  • You can go through several games in a short period of time, instead of taking ages to complete just one or two

The idea is if you don’t win, you can always try again with a fresh card in a couple of minutes when the next game starts. Of course, if you do win, you’ve got the same opportunity to do the same again as the next game begins!

The downside is the only prize available is for a full house. There are no line prizes, so if you complete a line you just have to keep on going in the hope you get a full house before someone else does. But remember, the next game will be along in just a moment, and that could be your lucky one!

Will you play fast paced bingo?

If you like quick games that always feel exciting, speed bingo could be what you’ve been missing. The only way to find out for sure is to give it a try today, don’t you think?