Creative Recycling: Winter Craft Ideas

With the arrival of the winter season comes the excitement of Christmas and the anticipation for the New Year that lies ahead. As Christmas is quite an expensive time for many, the majority of people are now looking for more cost effective ways of decorating their homes in the hope of saving considerable amounts of money.

Once such way of doing this is to get creative when it comes to the items that you’d normally just discard in your recycling bin. Before you dispose of that empty jam jar, have a think about how you can reinvent it into something useful and practical?

With that in mind, why not try out some of the following winter craft projects at home?

1) Snow Globes

Snow globes are an iconic symbol of the winter season; this little globe encompasses the cold and the magic of this much-loved season. Apart from building a snowman with actual snow, what could be more fun than creating your very own snow globe?

It’s a classic ornament that is extremely easy to make, even for the most inexperienced of makers. All you need is a jar with a lid (any size will do), a plastic or metal figurine that is not prone to rust, glycerine, glitter and water. Glue your figurine to the inside of the jar lid, and fill your jar with glycerine/water before adding a tablespoon of glitter. Screw the lid on the jar and voila – your very own winter wonderland!

snow globe

2) Candy Cane Vase

A super easy yet innovative idea – simply line up your candy canes in a circle, glue them together and wrap a bow around them. If you want a base to hold freshwater flowers, opt for polymer clay as this can be effectively glued to the bottom. Not only will your vase shine as a cute winter decoration, it can also easily be presented as a gift that could be used year round.


3) Fingerprint Cards

These cards are so easy to make that you can literally make stacks of them in less than one hour. Simply choose your idea – let’s say, a snowman – and proceed to draw the outline onto your black card. Take out your paints of orange, black, green, grey and any other colours that you like. Simply dip your finger into the appropriate paint, and get drawing a snowman wit your finger! This simple idea can be used to create other features of winter including wreaths, baubles, reindeer and anything else you set your mind to! They can be then sent to a friend or loved one who may be celebrating a winter birthday, anniversary or engagement.

4)  Snow Covered Branches

This particular creation can make a stunning addition to your home décor and it’s extremely inexpensive and easy to make. Get on your winter boots and go for a long walk in the countryside to collect the pinecones and branches that you’ll need to complete the look. You’ll also need some snow paint and a vase or container to make the arrangement in. When done correctly, this creation can give a beautiful, crisp, wintery feel to even the most mundane of rooms.

These are just four of the many ways that you can get creative with your recycling this winter. Using your everyday household rubbish and items that you may have lying about the house or the garden to create stunning and practical pieces is a sure fire way of saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Get creative this winter and have fun whilst doing it!