Cozy Games Close Some Bingo Sites

Regulations in the online gaming industry in the UK have been somewhat turbulent in recent months. On 1 November, new legislation came into place that required all bingo sites serving UK players to be registered with the Gambling Commission, which is the UK’s gambling regulatory body.

Since the introduction of the new regulations, we have witnessed the closure of a number of bingo sites, several of which operated on Cozy Games software. Surprisingly, when these sites first closed, there were no notifications to either players or affiliates to inform them of the changes. A potential theory is that these sites kept quiet in a bid to minimise any harm caused to their brands.

Goldfish and Gramble Sites Gone

Two of the most recent Cozy Games brands to face closure as a result of the new rules were Goldfish Bingo and Gramble Bingo. Upon visiting the sites, following the start of November, instead of arriving at the usual homepage, players were presented with a notice that the sites were ‘undergoing scheduled maintenance’, and assurances were made that normal pages would be live again soon.

After revisiting the bingo sites at a later date, to see if anything had changed, the prior images and maintenance explanation had been removed. Instead, players were presented with an image and message directing them to play at partner sites, with one example being Gone Bingo. Goldfish and Gramble were not the only brands to be affected by the change. Other sites that have disappeared since the start of November include 88 Bingo, Busy Bingo, Congo Bingo, and Sabai Bingo.

Poor Performance a Factor?

When you think about the number of Cozy Games bingo sites that are covered by the UK Gambling Commission, it is surprising that there wasn’t greater transparency from these sites. One certainty is that the new tax on UK players and financial requirements of registering with the Gambling Commission likely ensures that the closed sites wouldn’t be financially viable.

From here on out, there could be more bingo site closures ahead as a result of the new regulations. Maybe we will more sites ‘undergoing scheduled maintenance’ in the near future. With Christmas fast approaching, this is a really unfortunate time to not be in operation.

The Expansion of Cozy Games

Cozy Games was founded by a team of industry veterans in 2005, and has grown substantially since its launch. They managed to get the company up and running just before the online bingo boom hit the UK, and the number of sites utilising the software has skyrocketed since then.

There are currently over 70 different online gaming sites operating on Cozy Games software, and this is set to increase further with the imminent launch of Reem Bingo, Merlin Bingo, and Lucky Ladies Bingo.

A key factor in the rise of Cozy Games has been the company’s commitment to innovation. Alongside new game development, the creation of mobile content has also proven to be pivotal. Players now want to access their favourite games while on the move.

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