Charity Bingo Sites + Games

There have been many bingo sites springing up claiming to give a portion of their funds to charity. We hate to be duped by scams, so we’re taking an in depth look into charitable bingo websites and whether they really are doing as their names suggest.

Best Charity Sites

Before we go on to talk about the unscrupulous ones out there, we’re recommending a few charity sites that really do donate to a good cause:

  1. Health Bingo – Much like the Health Lottery, this site gives 20% of their profits to health related charities in the UK. They offer players a 200% welcome bonus and 50% on all other deposits.
  2. Charity Bingo – 5% of all deposits over £20 from this site go right to their chosen charity for the month. Make your first deposit for 200% extra and between £5 and £2500 in funds.
  3. Rehab Bingo – This site gives generously to projects for those who need extra support in a number of sectors and areas.
  4. Postcode Bingo – When you play at this site, you’ll get a 200% bonus and 10% of their revenue goes right to the Dog’s Trust.

For full terms and conditions of these offers, take a look on their sites.

Charity Bingo Risks

So now we come to the nastier side of charity bingo, as we look at whether these sites are selfish or altruistic? While some claim to give money we’ve found a few instances of sites where this is hard to prove. Here are the risks of playing at these sites.

Lack of Commitment

If you’re playing on a bingo site then you’ll ideally want to know the terms of their donations. We want sites to tell us percentages and whether the money is based on profits or revenue, as these can be very different numbers.

Take sites like Pink Ribbon Bingo or Bingo Giving, they don’t actually tell us what percentage is going to charity just that they do raise money. Even Big Heart Bingo doesn’t give any information on their charitable status or what they do with player money.

Lack of Regulation

Ideally, all of these should be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Charity Commission. This simply isn’t the case on many sites, take My Charity Bingo as an example, as this isn’t even regulated by the gaming industry. This is set up as a means to raise money for a Just Giving project but there’s nothing to say that their games are fair.

Lack of Donation Transparency

We don’t really like just taking a site’s word for these charity games, we like to be able to check it too. If a site is endorsed by Just Giving or using it as a way to give, then there are records of this that can be looked at independently. This gives you a way to see the actual amount and how often they’re really giving.

Charitable Alternatives

If you want to be generous but these sites just aren’t doing it for you then there are alternatives on big name sites.

Occasional Charity Games

Every now and then, sites like Foxy Bingo and Wink Bingo host charity games. These have all the information we need to feel comfortable, including the charity, amount they’re getting and where the jackpot comes from.

Foxy Bingo regularly support Breast Cancer Awareness charities by turning their lobby pink with charity games. In 2015, Wink Bingo auctioned off an evening with Peter Andre as well as loads of prizes in an effort to raise money for those fighting cancer.

With both of these sites, you can rest assured that money is going to charity and there’s no sneaky business going on.

Charity Bingo Rooms

Mecca Bingo are huge proponents of the charity game as part of their group’s Rank Cares initiative. They run these fortnightly games on the 14 th and 28 th of every month, with extra charitable ones thrown in too. Their funds go to the Carer’s Trust and they’re very clear on the terms of each game to make sure their players are aware of the facts.

Of course these aren’t the only charitable games on reputable sites out there, but these are the ones that tell you what you need to know.

Don’t be put off by the minor percentage of charity sites that aren’t trustworthy, bingo is a great way to raise money for a good cause. Just make sure that you’re comfortable with the information that you’re being given and double check it if possible, then you can play with peace of mind.