Cash Cubes Bingo

If you’re tired of all the standard bingo games around, you know the one’s we’re talking about, well you’ve hit the jackpot with the 2016 launch of the new Cash Cubes! Gone are the days of long, verging on boring, bingo games as this provides players with short and dynamic mobile gameplay, which we know our readers will be raving about to everyone as the next big thing. So if you haven’t already checked out Playtech’s latest creation, get ahead of the game and try out this fast paced 3D 36 Ball Bingo variant game. Plus, Cash Cubes on mobile lets users play anytime, anywhere, so it’s ideal for those with an equally fast-paced lifestyle!

Check out our Cash Cubes Review below to find out exactly why we’re so excited about the launch of this truly exceptional and unique game!


Players don’t have to wait long to have a go at Cash Cubes Bingo, as there are games running every 2 minutes, 24 hours a day which is pretty insane for a bingo game! You’ll be competing for a full house in multi-stake madness, but because this is no ordinary bingo game, it’s not a simple pattern you’re looking to complete. The Cash Cubes bingo variant is that players need to complete four cubes on their card to win a full house, and every ticket has twelve numbers inside the four squares, and therefore four cubes can be unlocked per game.

Cash Cubes Bingo Image -

Wagers can also be set quite low in this game, or high, depending on how confident you are feeling and how much you are willing to rise to earn a big cash prize. The stakes start at 10p, and go up to £2, and they have colour coordinated cubes to choose from, with each colour representing a wager. One you have selected how much you want to bet, the cube that matches with this price will begin to rotate and the prize will be in relation to how high the player has gambled. Then, as each number is called, one side of the cube will turn a different colour and as you unlock all four sides the cube will crash to the bottom of the screen.

Some major advantages of this game are that it features a 100% community jackpot so all players take home their share of winnings, and as each player is only allowed one card, all players have an equal chance of winning big, making this a very appealing game to many!

Bonuses & Symbols

In Cash Cubes, players can achieve feature bonuses as they play and crack more cubes, then once all the cubes have been broken, a specific bonus appears and each stake will have its own bonus amount. Once fifty cubes have been completed across player’s games, they’ll receive a Cash Cubes Bonus so they don’t stop playing.


Cash Cubes 3D Bingo really is one of the highest quality bingo games on the market, which comes as no surprise as Playtech always produce high-quality, unique games. Even small things like the screen changing colour depending on what you have wagered really sets this game apart from its competitors.

If you’re looking for high-speed, state of the art online gaming, then look no further and check out Cash Cubes today. We promise you won’t be disappointed!