Bingo Sites with Swedish Bingo

Swedish Bingo is a variety of 75 ball bingo which is played on a 5×5 grid. It is a fast paced and exciting variety of bingo which is suitable for those looking for a high octane game with plenty of opportunity to win.

Where can I play Swedish Bingo?

Check out the sites below for a chance to play this entertaining bingo game.


– at Wink Bingo you’ll have the opportunity to play Swedish Bingo. Hit the bingo section and look for 5 line bingo games. From here you’ll be able to enter the two rooms on this site dedicated to Swedish bingo games.

888 Ladies

– This site is a prime location for Swedish Bingo. This fast paced game can be found right alongside traditional 75 ball and 90 ball bingo at 888 Ladies. If you’re looking to make the progression from these traditional games, there’s no need to go hunting to find Swedish Bingo. It’s located right alongside the two popular games.

What is Swedish Bingo and how does it differ from other bingo games?

Swedish Bingo is a variation of 75 ball bingo. It made more exciting by its numerous ways to win. Unlike traditional 75 ball bingo where you are likely to only win by landing a full house, in Swedish Bingo there are many combinations. However it does share some similarities with traditional 75 ball bingo in that you’ll win the top prize by marking off a full house. Landing a full house is always a good thing but luckily with Swedish Bingo it’s not the only way to boost your balance. With so many ways to win, this variety has become extremely popular. Sometimes only playing for a full house can become monotonous and unfulfilling- especially given that traditional 75 ball bingo generally has only 1 winner. Swedish bingo is somewhat of a mix between the American and European bingo varieties. Although it is played with 75 balls like American bingo, there are often multiple winners which is more typical of European bingo. In Swedish Bingo you get the best of both worlds.

What are the other names for Swedish Bingo?

Swedish Bingo is sometimes called 5 line bingo. This is largely due the fact that you can win across 5 lines and not just a full house. When you look to play free online Swedish bingo, watch out for rooms offering 5 line bingo as this is the same game. Keep in mind that the traditional 75 ball game of bingo is often called American bingo so make sure you don’t get confused. If you want to win line by line then ensure you look for the Swedish or 5 line varieties. These will maximise your chances of winning and offer you a higher octane game of bingo.

How do you play Swedish Bingo?

To begin playing Swedish Bingo you’ll have to find a site which offers this variety. We recommend the above Wink bingo or 888 Ladies for the best Swedish bingo game online. Once you’ve purchased the card, be aware of the many ways to win in this game. This multiline line game allows you to win prizes by completing 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines or even a full house. You can win a line on any single horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. For the remaining 2 to 4 line wins you can land a combination vertically or horizontally. Be sure to watch out for all of these different combination. It will require you to be more on the ball than traditional 75 ball bingo as winning combinations come frequently and in many forms.

Swedish Bingo is ideal for those who want the excitement of 75 ball bingo but with the multiple winning options of 90 ball bingo. This style meets them both in middle and offers fast paced fun with plenty of chances to come out a winner.

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