Bingo Sites with Slots

Everybody loves a good bingo site offering a variety of the great game, from 90 ball to 75 and 50 ball. But what are you to do when waiting on a mega jackpot game to start? You could play some online slots of course. There are plenty of bingo sites with slots to discover, each with their own fun and unique games for you to try out.

Top Online Slots

online slots Bonuses

When you’re hunting for the best slot sites, you’ll want to get your hands on a juicy bonus too!  These two are the ones that you’ll find most often:

1. No Deposit Slots: If you’re playing on a site with a no deposit bonus then you might be able to use this on no deposit slot games. These will allow you to continue to win and some sites might even let you play them for free.

2. Free Spins: This is a type of bonus that can be given on depositing, as a no deposit bonus or as a random gift. You’ll get a set amount of spins and a game that you’ll be able to use them on.

Terms and Conditions – Remember to look into these before playing with all that lovely bonus lolly. Wagering requirements will most likely apply to both of these bonuses and free spins can carry extra conditions; like the value of each of the spins. There may also be games that you can’t use them on either, like progressive jackpot slots.

Top Bingo Sites With Slots

If you’re looking for somewhere to try out slot games, you’ll want to start at the top. Here are the best bingo sites with slots:

Lucky Cow Bingo

Big Tease Bingo

Lucky Admiral casino

Bingo Diamond

Top Dog Slots

Glossy Bingo

There are of course a number of new bingo sites with slots but the above are the best to play on if you’ve never tried slots before.

Why Play Slots On A Bingo Site?

Some people may say that bingo sites are made for bingo, and if you want to play slot games you should head for a casino site. However there are plenty of great reasons to enjoy slot games on bingo sites. For instance, as mentioned, it can be a great way to pass the time while you are waiting on a mega jackpot game to start – and you could even earn yourself a few extra bucks while you’re at it.

In addition, it’s obviously great for players who enjoy slots and bingo in equal amounts, as it means all your gaming is kept together in one site. You won’t need to create separate accounts for separate brands which makes it all the easier.

Another reason to play slots on a bingo site is that often there will be promotions based around slots, or even slots tourneys giving you more opportunity to cash in from playing these games. Typical slot promos include trying out newly launched games and getting a bonus amount for spending a set sum on the new game, and also prize draws where you can win tangible prizes just by spending a certain amount on online slots to gain prize draw entries.

A site with lots of paid slots is better than just playing for slots bonus as you can claim real money wins if you play for cash. Additionally, if you’re playing for bonus, you’ll often find that you’re limited to a set number of games or even just once specific game to spend it on. Although it has been done, it is extremely difficult to hack a slot game. Therefore players will have to do their research in choosing which slot is right for them. Check our glossary below to get the tools you need.

What Is The Return To Player?

The return to player is the statistic which determines the amount of money that a slot machine will pay out for every £100 wagered. This is always listed as a percentage and is often shortened in slot reviews to RTP.

Slots Glossary

Bonus round: During a bonus round a player will generally be given the opportunity to boost their funds by taking part in a bonus game or extra spins.

Coin Size: This is the worth of the number of coins you are betting. If every coin is worth 1 and you bet 4 coins then you are betting £4. If your coin size is 0.5 then you will only be betting £2.

Extra Bet: An extra bet increases the volatility of the game. Some slots will give you the option to add an extra bet which means that your losses will cost you more. However, if triggered then you will see a significant boost on your bet.

Gamble Feature: After a win, a slot may invite you to its gamble feature. You can choose to decline or proceed. If you proceed, you will stake your win on a bonus round which can significantly boost your stake if you guess the question correctly. If not, then your win is taken as forfeit.

Multiplier: This is the number your stake will be multiplied by during a bonus round win.

Paylines: The number of lines where a combination can fall and be considered winning. The more paylines, the more ways to win.

Paytable: This is where you can find the value for each symbol combination.

Progressive Jackpot: This is a jackpot which accumulates as more people play the slot. The progressive jackpot will continue to rise until a player wins it.

Reels: The number of vertical columns in the slot.

Scatters: Bonus symbols which do not need to fall on a pay line to total a win.

Tumbling reels: When all symbols in a winning payline are replaced by new symbols. The feature gives players the chance to win on more than one payline during a single spin.

Variance: Variance is the ups and downs of gambling play. It similar to standard deviance and shows how far a set of numbers are spread out and how this differs from the mean.

Wilds: These are bonus symbols which generally yield a higher return than regular symbols. They can often be used to substitute for other symbols to complete a winning payline combination.