Bingo Sites with Best Leaderboard Games

As much as we love playing bingo, sometimes the same old games can get a little lacklustre. This is where leaderboard games come in, as they can totally spice up your time online once more.

Our Go-to Sites for Leaderboard Games

For the best leaderboard games online, we’d recommend that you take a look on one of these amazing sites:

Wink Bingo

Wink has some top notch prizes for their leaderboards! As this is a more popular site, you’ll need to keep your fingers crossed that you come out on top.

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Cheers Bingo

Cheers hosts regular leaderboard competitions for their players. Plus, make a 1st deposit and you’ll get the chance to win up to 500 free spins.

T&C's apply. See website for full details.

Bear in mind that you’ll want to look into the terms and conditions of each bonus before you claim, full details on their sites.

What is a Leaderboard Competition?

A leaderboard competition is one in which you must score more points than any other player to win. It’s not confined to one bingo game and it’s your cumulative efforts across all of them in the time period that matters.

The time period will be set out by the site, ranging from a day to a month usually, and they’ll let you know how to score too. Generally there will be a live leaderboard that displays daily, so you can know when you have to up your game.

How Do You Score Points On The Leaderboard?

Your score will be shown on the leaderboard but you’ll need to climb to the top to win. Common ways to score points in these bingo competitions include:

    • Highest number of wins.
    • Completing activities, e.g. depositing or using codes.
    • Highest amount wagered.
    • Most won in a single game.
  • Bingoing on certain patterns, usually themed around the competition or prizes.

These are all things that you’d do most times you get online, so it’s just an extra incentive to do so more than your fellow players. Racking up points is important and some tourneys might even give you a choice of ways to do so.

What Do You Typically Win?

This is a harder question to answer, as it tends to vary based on the site and the cost to enter the tourney. If it’s free, for example, then you won’t get as valuable prizes as you would from a paid bingo tourney. Here are examples of common prizes you can hope to win:

    • Bonus points or funds.
    • Tangible prizes and gifts.
    • Cash.
    • Loyalty points.
    • Free bingo tickets.
  • Branded merchandise, like keychains or fridge magnets.

As we’ve said, the more you pay to take part the more the prizes are usually worth – though there can be exceptions to this rule. If you’re playing in a free bingo tourney then you may have to be a funded player, even if you’re not spending any money during the tournament.

Tips to Win

With many bingo games, it’s the taking part that counts but if you want to be a winning player then these tips will help you. Get ready to boost your chances on a competition leaderboard!

    • Snap up as many tickets as possible if you want the most chances to win.
    • Make sure you meet the wagering requirements and pay attention to terms and conditions.
    • Shop around to find a leaderboard competition with a prize that really interests you.
    • Pay close attention to your position on the leaderboard when it updates.
    • Make sure you know the dates the competition is on for, as you don’t want to miss an important game.
    • Opt in if you need to, otherwise your points may not be counted.
  • Watch out for players overtaking you at the last minute!

With these tips and all the information about these types of tournaments, you can go on to succeed in them. Play at one of our recommended sites for the best online bingo experience.