Bingo Roomies: Which one are YOU?

When we’re playing bingo, we often think that most players can be divided into just a few categories. You’ll probably have seen these types of roomies before, you might even think that you could be described as two or three of them!

Here are our stereotypical bingo roomie categories, we wonder which of the groups we fall into.

Best Sites For Roomie Rewards

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The Breakdown

Here we go, it’s time to figure out which one of these roomie categories you would best be described as! Remember to share this articles with your fellow roomies to find out which ones they are, and – more importantly – which one they think you are.

“The Old Hand”

We all know this player, the one that’s been playing bingo online since it first became an option. They’ll often regale you with tales of the biggest jackpots they’ve won and what sites have gone downhill. These are like the hipsters of the bingo world, they did most things before they were cool and remember bingo before it was popular.

“The Newbie”

Often quite a shy player, the newbie plays in a few games before they say hi to the other roomies. Sometimes they only come out when coaxed by a chat manager, but other times they’re as bold and brash as everyone else. Look into a learner room and you’ll see hundreds of these players introducing themselves or asking for some help.

“The Bingo Socialite”

This is the chatty roomie that you seem to run into everywhere you go on a bingo site. They have tickets to every game, chat with the hosts and will probably even be linked to their Facebook page. Sometimes it feels like there’s just no getting away from this type of roomie but this makes them a fun friend to have.

“The Know it All”

You’ll often see this player in the chat rooms or on Facebook telling other roomies what to do, what tickets to buy and their tips for winning. They usually mean well but want to tell everyone what they think is the right way to play. They often see themselves as a bingo pro, sharing their wisdom with everyone – whether they want it or not.

“The Lone Wolf”

This type of bingo player just wants to play the game, no chatting or socialising needed. The lone wolf is only interested in bingo, they usually forego the chat games or regular fun in the rooms to just dab off their cards. This might seem like a boring existence for some roomies but they’re just focused on the jackpot, they might even be playing on lots of sites or games at once.

“The Cheerleader”

When you hear WTG or WDW it’s probably coming from the cheerleader, as they’re just happy for the winners. They generally start a game with a hearty GLGLGL and end it by congratulating everyone else. This little ray of sunshine is a big part of any bingo community and you can’t help but feel happy for them when they strike it lucky.

No matter what type of roomie you are, as long as you’re polite you’ll fit right in on most bingo sites. Watch out for these stereotypical players when you’re online, you’ll probably recognise at least one roomie for every category, whether that’s a good or bad thing!