Bingo Jackpots: Everything you Need to Know

New to bingo? Need to be brought up to speed on the variety of bingo jackpots up for grabs? Not sure where to play? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s is our simplified rundown of all the jackpots you will find while gambling online and the best sites to find these jackpots on.

1. Sliding Jackpots

During a sliding jackpot bingo game, the less calls you bingo in, the more cash you stand to gain! Normally in this type of game, there is both a minimum and maximum jackpot and the value does vary, so you will need to double check with whatever game you are playing how much exactly this is. These are some of the most exciting and thrilling games, however, as players have to try and bingo faster than ever.

888 Ladies Bingo

This bingo site has a fantastic range of guaranteed huge jackpot prizes and a sliding jackpot that is definitely worth a look. The sites largest guaranteed game is £3000, but has a sliding jackpot up to the value of a staggering £50,000! If you fancy having a go at winning this huge jackpot, make sure you play the Friday £50K Slider 75 Ball game at 10pm. [888 Ladies Review]

2. Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot bingo is the real money maker and the one that everyone wants to win! Normally, there is a set amount to start the game off and then as more and more players buy tickets, the bigger the jackpot eventually grows. It takes a full house to win a progressive jackpot, hence why there are not as many winners for this type of game as there are with others. Once a player claims the jackpot, it is then reset again for players to start building up the jackpot for another chance at a big win!

Wink Bingo

Head on over to Wink Bingo to play their marvellous 75 Ball Progressive game 3 times an hour. That’s not all you will find on this site, however, as there are also plenty of jackpots slots to have a go at too.

3. Guaranteed Jackpots

Guaranteed bingo jackpots are in games during which a guaranteed sum of money is given away. Some games may lower their jackpot as more balls are called. However, a minimum sum will definitely be won by the end of the game! Bingo sites with fixed jackpots are also a great way to make sure the amount you are playing for does not decrease as the game progresses.

Tasty Bingo

There are loads of amazing guaranteed jackpot games to choose from over at Tasty Bingo such as the £50 After Eight that plays every night at 8pm and offers players a daily £50 guaranteed jackpot game for just 50p a card. That’s not all, there are also guaranteed £500 Tasty Treat 90 Ball bingo games, and the Hundreds and Thousands guaranteed jackpot of £1100.

4. Coverall Blackout Jackpots

Bingo sites with coverall jackpots, which are also known as Blackout Jackpots, are fun and engrossing bingo games which players always have lots of fun playing. Players have to attempt to mark off all the numbers on their card, which is where the name ‘blackout’ comes from! There is a catch, however, if you want to win the big prize you‘ll need to get all of your numbers marked off before a certain amount of balls are called, or else the value of the jackpot starts to decline.

Tasty Bingo

Fancy having a go at a Coverall Jackpot? On Tasty Bingo players can win a maximum of £500 and a minimum of £30, but this cash value does depreciate as the number of calls to bingo rises. Tickets are priced at 50p at can be played in the Hot Chocolate Bingo room every day from 7pm until midnight.

5. Linked Network Jackpots

Linked Network Jackpots allow players to take part in bingo games that offer explosive sums of money, and we’re talking millions here! These jackpots are large and climb so quickly, because the game is linked to a whole family network of other casino sites, rather than just receiving cash to add to the jackpot from one casino. Not only that, many networks join up with other networks to offer their player’s even bigger prizes than they could previously offer!

£200K Jumbo Jackpot Cassava Bingo

If you are looking to win some serious cash, then check out the £200K Jumbo Jackpot. This game is run on the Cassava/Dragonfish gaming network to give players the opportunity to grab this juicy jackpot. It only takes 1 line to take home a fabulous £20K, but get the full house and you’ll be rolling in £100K worth of cash. You can play this game at Wink & 888 Ladies.

6. Slots with Jackpots

Slots with Jackpots mean that slot players get to join in on the fun and earn huge cash too. The difference between this type of slot game and standard slots is that jackpot slot games are connected between numerous machines and this money is pooled together to create the prize fund.

Lucky Cow Bingo

Lucky Cow offers a huge range of slots including Piggy Payout, Fluffy Favourites, Fluffy Too, Shaman’s Dream and Sugar Train.

7. Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks we’ve picked up along the way to help you win a huge jackpot are:

  • Pre-buy tickets, then you can make sure the numbers on you card are well spread out and contain a good mix of odd and even numbers.
  • If you are a new player, always check the Terms and Conditions of the site as there are normally rules as to when you can play and withdraw money, such as using bonus money in jackpot games, or specific wagering requirements.
  • Get some experience on the free games first before you start to play with real money
  • Keep the bigger wagers for the huge jackpot rooms!

Bingo games with jackpots are a fantastic way to play as not only will you have hours of fun, you could potentially win huge sums of cash, or even become a millionaire overnight!