Bingo in the UK

When it comes to choosing a bingo site to play on everyone tends to focus on whatever bonuses or games the site in question might be offering, reviews of the website in action or generally anything we find appealing about it.

What no one really considers is the websites location. As it turns out where a website is based can actually have quite an effect on it, this means that websites based in the UK for example can actually be quite a lot different to websites that are based outside of the UK in countries like America or different areas of Europe.

Examples of UK Based Bingo Sites

Trying to find the best UK bingo site can actually be pretty tricky, so we’ve chosen a small selection of what we consider to be the best bingo sites worth checking out.

Wink Bingo

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Big Tease Bingo

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The Difference between UK Sites and Other Countries

There is actually quite a big difference between UK based bingo websites and those operating out of other countries like the US or other parts of Europe.

The most obvious difference between UK and non-UK sites is the currency. For example a US based website may pay out in dollars, this is then be converted by your bank or payment option that you’re using and you’ll get a set amount of cash depending on the exchange rate.

Another difference is that they’re regulated by different laws and jurisdictions.

So say if someone from the UK was to play on a non-UK based gambling website there would be nothing the UK Gambling Commission could do to protect that player. This would also apply to anyone playing on a UK bingo site from outside the UK.

Games Available In UK Based Websites

When it comes to the games, both UK and non-UK based websites tend to have the same kinds of slot and side games so there’s not a lot of difference. You’ll still get to play the same range of classic slots as well as any new titles the site you’re using might decide to show off.

The only real difference between UK and non-UK sites is that the 90 ball bingo games tend to be more popular on the UK based bingo sites and so they appear more often on UK sites.

The Bonuses of UK Based Websites

Like the games the bonuses tend to be relatively the same, you’ll still get a welcome bonus as well as a no-deposit bonus, although that one tends to depend on the site and not its location.

One difference is that the sites promotions will be different depending on the location. For example they may have promotions based around holidays or events in one country that don’t occur in the UK, like Independence Day or thanksgiving in the US and Guy Fawkes in the UK.

So in future when you’re looking for a bingo site to try out, why not check out a few Bingo sites UK has to offer instead and enjoy the great bonuses and games that they all provide.