Bingo Closures Impacting US Charities

A senior centre in the US state of Minnesota has unfortunately been forced shut down its Flamingo Bingo operation. The sad truth affecting the game of bingo is that closures have become an all-too familiar actuality for many bingo halls and games. In this instance, though, the closure is harder to believe because it is simply down to a member of staff resigning.

What will be a surprise to many is that state legislation in Minnesota requires all charitable gambling endeavours to replace a resigned manager within just four days or else they will risk imminent closure. On this occasion, charitable gambling manager Deb Nusbaum’s resignation will be enough to close the operation. The extent of the bureaucracy continues to shock, as replacing a charitable gambling manager has another very stringent condition.

Were Flamingo Bingo to have continued, the operation would not only have to appoint a replacement within four days of Nusbaum resigning, but it would also have to have appointed a six-month veteran of the Rochester Senior Centre’s board. Unsurprisingly, the centre was unable to identify a viable candidate before the deadline.

Sadly, this will come as a major financial blow for the senior centre, which managed to generate $100,000 for charity in 2013. Those funds came from Flamingo Bingo, a game that will stop operating on 14 December 2014 due to bureaucracy and red tape. Sally Gallagher, executive director of the senior centre, said that the resignation of Flamingo Bingo’s manager was the ultimate determinant in the game having to be shut down.

The closure has come at a difficult financial time for the centre, which has aspirations to develop a new $22.3 million facility in the state. Replacing the annual revenue of Flamingo Bingo, though, will make life incredibly tough. At present, Gallagher has no idea how to replace the lost revenue that has helped fund the seniors’ charity over the past seven years.

High School Athletes at Risk

Like the UK, the US is faced with ever-present challenge of trying to encourage the young members of its society to engage in regular physical activity for the benefit of their health in later life. That’s why it’s disappointing to learn that Spaulding High School students in Vermont are at risk of losing their ice hockey team.

The ice hockey team has long depended on generating approximately $1,800 per month for funding its activities. And, in a sport such as ice hockey, the costs are considerable, from acquiring protective equipment to hiring ice rinks. That’s why the funds have been so crucial for the team.

Unfortunately, though, the venue of the team’s bingo events is being sold, and now there is nowhere for them to raise vital funds needed for their survival. To put the loss into perspective, it costs the team $35,000 a year to pay for time on an ice hockey rink, and that works out as approximately £20,000. All of this goes to show that bureaucrats don’t realise the social value that bingo has on people’s lives.

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