Bingo Bonus Hunting

We love doing a good bit of bonus hunting here on PG Bingo and we like our readers to get great value for their hard-earned money as well. We like to pass on some of our top bonus advice to help you get the most out of your online gaming experience.

Best Bonus Sites

After careful consideration, we have selected a few sites that offer a range of bonuses for both bingo and slot players.

  • Lucky Admiral Casino – There is plenty of buried treasure to plunder on this mobile casino with big bonuses available. You can claim 70 free spins and up to £700 in bonuses upon registration.
  • Big Tease Bingo – One of the biggest sites around right now with a tantalising 500% matched deposit and 25 free spins.
  • Top Dog Slots – An online casino site with over 200 games to play and some top dog bonuses as well. There are 60 free games and up to £600 in bonuses.
  • Cheers Bingo – You will be toasting to Cheers Bingo after you have claimed £20 free on deposit and also a chance to spin the wheel with up to £2500 in additional bonuses.

T&Cs apply for all offers.

What is Bonus Hunting?

Bonus hunting (or bonus bagging) is simply about scanning the market to find the best deals. There are many different ways to do this but to keep things simple we’ve split out bonus hunting guide into two sections.

Of course, you can take elements from each to come up with your own personalised bonus hunting strategy.

  1. Exploiting the System – When we say exploit the system we don’t mean committing fraud or cheating the site. We simply mean using the features and bonuses on a site to your advantage. An advantage play can be done by withdrawing from a site as soon as possible and switching to another site immediately, but this is time consuming and you could even be banned for doing so.
  2. Use Bonuses to Find the Best Sites – On the other side of things, we have players who use the best bonuses to find the best sites and just enjoy truing them out. We would recommend this method as it is easier and less stressful than the first option.

Is it Worth Your Time?

It really depends on the type of player that you are whether bonus hunting will be worth your time or not. A certain degree of patience is required as it takes time to root out the best offers and bonuses.

Restrictive T&Cs can cause great frustration but the sites that we have mentioned so far are pretty reasonable in terms of what they offer both new and existing players. Finding a guaranteed profit can be difficult in the modern online bingo market but being patient and taking your time could prove fruitful for you as a player.

Food for Thought

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you claim a bonus:

Is the Bonus Cashable?

In the world of online bingo and casino games, cash and bonus cash can prove to be two totally different things. You may encounter terms such as sticky bonuses or phantom bonuses. Sticky bonuses are bonuses that “stick” to your lobby balance.

They cannot be withdrawn and are instead used as a means to play games on the site. A phantom bonus is a theoretical bonus that could be used for demo type games on a site. The key thing to remember is that most bonus cash is not real money (at least not at first) and cashable no deposit bonuses need to be wagered before they can be withdrawn.

Are there Positive Expectation Games?

A positive expectation game is a game whereby you can use skill to overcome the basic house edge. These could be games such as blackjack and poker where there is a degree of skill involved to help you win the game. In contrast, negative expectation games would be those that cannot really overcome the house edge and are purely down to luck such as online bingo or slots.

What are the Wagering Requirements?

Most of our regular readers will be aware of wagering and the role it plays in the online bingo and casino market. This is a minimum spend that must be completed before you can withdraw funds. It affects most bonuses and is usually some sort of multiple of the bonus. Always read these before you deposit.

What have Bingo/Casino Sites done to avoid Bonus Hunters Exploiting their Generosity?

Online gambling companies do have measures in place to combat players exploiting their generosity. Some platforms will ban players who take advantage of the system but most bingo and casino sites have pretty robust procedures in place to stop this from happening.

Limited Game Choice for Bonus Play

Not every game will be available for you to play with these bonus funds, for instance progressive jackpots will not be eligible for bonus use. You’ll have to use real cash on these games, so if you want to win big then it may be worth it to spend some cash.

Ts and Cs

Among the T&Cs of a site, you may find a clause about bonus abuse. This will usually outline their rights to suspend your account if they think there’s any suspicious play that’s going on. This could be a problem for players that access a site multiple times, creating new accounts to get the bonus.

Higher Wagering Requirements

All sorts of bonuses can come with their own wagering requirements, even the same site can offer different requirements on their different bonuses. This may mean that you must wager more if you claim a no deposit bonus versus if you actually pay in.


If you’re to take anything away from this post it should be that you can never overcome the house edge. There is no such thing as a risk-free profit and that bingo will always be a game of chance. However, you can appreciate the bonuses that are offered and play for the biggest jackpots by carefully selecting the best bonuses.