Bingo Blogs

We love blogs of all descriptions, as they’re handy ways to find out more about a topic. Those who are voracious bingo fans may already know that many sites have their own bingo blogs to stay informed with. Let’s find out more about them.

Our Fave Bingo Blogs

If you want to get in the know, then the following sites have wonderful blogs well worth checking out.

Wink Bingo – Check out this site for some amazing new promotions, with party celebrations on a regular basis. Be sure to claim their special offer: £50 free on your 1st deposit!

Cheers Bingo – Release the free funds on this bingo site by depositing £10, earning £20 free and a chance to spin the reel for up to £2500 in funds.

888 Ladies – This bingo site consistently offers some of the best promotions around, so you wouldn’t want to miss them! Use our code WIN70 for £70 to play with from a £10 deposit!

Terms and conditions apply to these offers, full details of which can be found on their site.

Why Blog?

You might be surprised that blogs are important in the bingo community but there are many reasons you should check in on them. Here are some of the biggest reasons:

  1. Staying up to Date – There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing winners and realising you had no idea there was a promotion on! Checking a site’s blog now and again will give you sneak peeks into their upcoming bonuses, promotions and news.
  2. Learning About the Game – For many sites, a blog is also a way to teach their players about the games they offer. Special guides and tips can often be found within the archives of a blog, which can make you a better player.
  3. Simplified Rules – More complex issues like wagering requirements and rules are sometimes seen as a given on a bingo site, without a player really understanding them. Some sites use a blog to explain more details about these rules, why they exist and what they mean for you.

So, by reading a blog from a bingo site, you’ll be in for a whole load of extra perks!

Our Favourite Blog Features

We’ve listed a few of our favourite blogs above, but let’s take a further look into what these blogs offer.

Wink Bingo – This site always has a new promotion or other to learn about, so their blog is super useful. Reading this news based blog will ensure you never miss a big promotion and there’s a real community aspect here. It is a little sporadic though, so it’s not updated on a regular basis.

Cheers Bingo – As with everything on this site, their blog is a celebration of all the fun you could be having with them. It covers promotions, tips and insider information that you need to know. It’s updated on a weekly basis but there isn’t too much bingo news here.

888 Ladies – If you need to know anything about bingo, then this blog has all the information you could want. It’s a great guide by players, for players with infographics, cartoons and more. Some of the topics can be a bit samey but it’s always good to learn more about a topic.

Now that you know all about our favourite bingo blogs, it’s time to get out there and discover yours!