Bingo Association Reaches Agreement with ICE

Thanks to a recently agreed partnership between ICE, the Bingo Association, and Bingo Life, the game loved by millions throughout the UK could be set to gain a lot of momentum. In recent years, the offline bingo sector has been faced with some major difficulties, most notably the disproportionately high rate of tax levied against bingo halls.

However, the issue of taxation was rectified earlier in the year, when chancellor George Osborne dropped the tax on offline bingo from 20% to 10%. And now that Bingo Life has teamed up with the UK’s representative body, things are looking even better.

Words from the Bingo Association

The chief executive of the Bingo Association, Miles Baron, expressed his delight with the new partnership. With the ICE B2B conference being one of the most influential events in the gaming industry’s calendar, the joint presence of the Bingo Association and Bingo Life at the 2015 event in February will only serve to enhance bingo’s profile. The dual presence at the event will act as a hub for members of the Bingo Association, as well as for visitors of Bingo Life and the broader bingo community.

Baron has also spoken of how significant a year 2014 has been for the UK bingo industry, specifically referring to the increasing number of Bingo Association members and the reduction of bingo hall tax from 20% to 10%. However, he did note that there is a still a lot of work ahead, and that the relationship with ICE will provide an ideal platform from which to further leverage the bingo industry by remaining in regular communication with all of the most important stakeholders.

ICE Speaks about the Agreement

Kate Chalmers, portfolio director for ICE, also commented on the new arrangement. She expressed her delight with the partnership with the UK’s Bingo Association and Bingo Life, particularly in adding another focal point to the most important show floor in gaming. Chalmers drew attention to the Bingo Association’s impressive lobbying activity of late, and the fact that they received the award for the Best Public Affairs campaign at the well-renowned PR Week Awards in October 2014. She went on to express her eagerness to start working with Miles Baron and his team at the Bingo Association, and to help further boost the profile of online bingo.

ICE is a Leading Light in Gaming Events

With over 25,000 visitors and representatives from all the most important businesses in the sector, ICE 2015 will be an event attended by many people who are serious about moving forward in the gaming industry. Attendees can expect to find gaming exhibits across all sectors of the industry, including bingo, casino, betting, mobile, and social gaming.

As well as countless existing products on display, there are hundreds of new launches set to take place over the course of the upcoming February conference. In an industry that thrives on innovation, it will be interesting to see if any startling new innovations or deals are reported. Hopefully the Bingo Association will continue its good work.