Best Bingo Jackpot Promos

Most of the fun of bingo comes from winning a jackpot, as that’s what most players are striving for. Bingo jackpots don’t just come in one form though, there are a multitude of ways you can win and types of prize. We’re breaking this down in our guide, so stay tuned to become a jackpot master.

Sites for Best Jackpot Promos

Try out the following sites for yourself if you fancy winning on a variety of jackpots:

Wink Bingo – There’s simply no end to the different jackpot promotions that you can play in here, they really have everything at your fingertips.

Cheers Bingo – This is a really fun bingo site to play on, its party theme will get you ready to join in with all the jackpots. They even let you win up to £2,500 in funds on your first deposit.

Celeb Bingo – Get the star treatment with this site and join in on all the star studded games. They have jackpots galore and a 350% bonus for you.

Lucky Cow Bingo – Pop onto the luckiest site on the web if you want a chance to win some serious cash. They have daily, weekly and monthly games to take part in.

As with any offer that we advertise here, it’s always a good idea to have a look at the T&Cs of a site before you play.

Types of Jackpot Games

There are hundreds of jackpot games on the internet but they generally fall into just a few categories. Here are the most common ones:

Ongoing Jackpot Games

There are one off jackpot games out there but you’ll also find ones that you can take part in on a regular basis. Take the Wink Bingo Unwind game for example, these are progressive jackpots but you can play in the room every day from 4pm to midnight.

A monthly bingo game might be the likes of the Payday jackpot game, a monthly jackpot game that coincides with most people in the UK’s payday. These can be reliable ways in which you can splash your cash, as you always know when they’re on their way.

This is a good aspect to find on a site but you’ll also want some promotional jackpot games to play in too. A mixture of both is ideal, as you have the best of both worlds at your disposal.


Newbie rooms are great fun but we like these even more when you can win a great jackpot, like the ones in the Cheers Bingo Newbie Jackpot room. This allows you to become accustomed to a site and also win some jackpots too. They’re generally free or really cheap, as they’re targeted towards new players.

There may be restrictions on when you can access this room, as newbie rooms are intended for new players. You may have a few days or a week, so you’d better make the most of it before your time is up. The best sites will give you another type of jackpot game to look forward to though, so it’s not all about the newbie room.


One way that sites can also reward their players is by giving them access to loyalty rooms where they can play for larger jackpots. Generally, the higher you are in the scheme, the bigger the prize will be. Plus, there are fewer players in the room to contend with so you have more of a chance at the jackpot. Tickets may be free for VIP players or they may have to pay, depending on the site.

Cheers Bingo has great VIP jackpot games to keep their players feeling like they’re getting the most for their money. The higher you climb in their scheme, the more money you’ll be playing for. This is an excellent addition to any loyalty scheme, as it just helps to give you a little more for your money.

All or Nothing vs. Guaranteed

All or nothing jackpots can be a point of contention for players, as some prefer a guaranteed jackpot instead. All or nothing means that only one player has a prize whereas a guaranteed jackpot may have a communal prize, 1TG prizes and more.

It’s a toss-up with these games, as All or Nothing games have a larger jackpot though you’re less likely to get a slice of the action. The top prize in a shared jackpot game will be smaller but you have more of a chance of getting at least one of the prizes. It’s entirely up to players which type they prefer, as some players like to take an extra risk for a bigger potential reward.


Now that you know all about these kinds of jackpots, get out there and get playing for real! By testing the waters with different games you’ll come to find out which are your faves.